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Sociology Of Short Skirts

by Anne Middleton, on June 5th, 2015

If women in the U.S. wore shorter skirts, the economy would improve. That’s not a misogynist’s dream, it’s sociology research.  Sociologists have found that the worse the economy, the longer the women’s skirts are, and the better the economy, the shorter the skirt.  Ladies, rock those short skirts and watch the economy improve.  We’ve got great shoes to pair with short skirts. 

We don’t think of Nikes for anything but athletic shoes, but they have an impressive stock of sandals and flip flops.  The Nike Lunarsandiator Sky Hi is a sandal fit for a lady gladiator.  Pair it with a cute mini skirt and you’re slaying any and everything in your path.  Nike has killer deals too with our codes.  With your order of $75 or more, your shipping is free from Nike.

The wooly comfort UGG is known for is just one facet of this luxury shoe brand.  UGG has great sandals too and their limited edition Char sandal with a flirty ankle strap would look great with any short hemline.  It comes in a seductive black and caramel-like tan.  Free two day shipping on your order using our codes will definitely be a boost to your personal economy. 
For a more subdued summer look, pair your skirt with the Chuck Taylor Dainty Ballerina flat by Converse.  Perfect for summer picnicking in a short jean skirt, you’ll love the comfort and the quality of Converse.  You’ll love the price too, with $5.95 flat rate shipping!

For a statement shoe to pair with a high hemline, the Jeweled Ivanka Trump wedge glitters from Boston Proper.  It dresses up or down well, with a coquettish gold ankle strap.  You’ll feel like a million bucks, but not spend a million when you use our codes.  Get 10% off when you use our codes.

Sociology research aside, summer is coming and that means shorter hemlines.  Stock up on great pairs of shoes, and perhaps the stock market will go up too!  Regardless of what the economy is doing, we’ll always have great coupon codes and tips to help you save.