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Spooky Sound Effects

by Anne Middleton, on October 27th, 2015

Master filmmakers know that the sound track of the movie is supremely important.  Have you ever tried to watch a flick without the sound?  It’s a totally different experience.  What about your favorite horror films?  They depend on sound to create that creepy vibe as much as the phantasmagorical images.  Indie filmmakers, hobbyists, Vine contributors—look to the auto store for eerie sounds for your soundtracks.

1. Chains—Few sounds match the clanging of chains against a hard surface.  Every time I hear that metallic scratching, that visceral reaction stays with me.  Get your Laclede Light Truck Tire Chains from Advance Auto Parts. 

2. Lug Nuts and Bolts—Handfuls of lug nuts and bolts in an old tin can creates a cacophony that will surely make you shudder when shaken.  Auto Parts Warehouse has an array bolts and lug nuts to make your sordid symphony.

3. Bulbs—The hum of a bulb harkens to Frankenstein’s laboratory.  4 Wheel Drive offers an array of halogen bulbs that will make you scream, “It’s alive!”

4. Tire Deflators-Mimic a wheezing sound with tire deflators from 4 Wheel Parts.  You’ll breathe a sigh of relief at the price, even as it sounds as if someone’s expiring.

If you’ve ever been spooked by eldritch whisper or had your toes curl as nails scraped across the chalkboard, you know the power of sound.  Make your Vine videos and other movies spooktacular with the right sound effects.  You don’t need a pro Foley artist, just bit of creativity and our codes.