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Spring Savings

by Anne Middleton, on January 30th, 2015

Busy parents know that the spring semester springs up a whole bunch of expenses.  From Spring Fling to prom to graduation, the fun and the bills stack up.  As you juggle all the vernal joie de vivre, let us help you conserve money and make lasting memories.

If you think scrapbooking is passe, but want to enshrine those special memories, nix the floppy chain store frames and opt for a Coverlay Instruement panel cover.  What’s that?  The cover of your dash board.  They come in a surprising spectrum of colors.  Mount those goofy prom photos or that coveted award and adhere a foam board backing to stabilize it.  Visit Auto Parts Warehouse to help you fashion your masterpiece.

Need a tribute for Teacher Appreciation Day?  Have a teacher whose pens and pencils always are MIA?  Get them a Motive Gear Spool.  The holes are perfect for those delinquent writing utensils.  Go to Advance Auto Parts and help that absent-minded instructor today. She’ll never nest a pencil in her hair bun again.

Want a nifty way to showcase your teen’s medals?  A wheel spacer is sure to be the auto part for the job.  When your teen is making waves at college, it can do double duty as a key ring rack.  4 Wheel Parts will have the wheel spacer for you. 

The beloved graduation cap—the symbol of your child’s achievement—doesn’t have to be snooze-inducing.  Sure, they’re going to hoist it up in the air.  Why not jazz it up with gears and nuts, especially if that precocious pupil of yours is going to engineering school?  4 Wheel Drive has a slew of fun choices to make that grad cap awesome. 

Spring is sure to spring up some surprises, but you’ll be able to handle all the ups and downs, with help from  Your genius and our promo codes are sure to help you make lasting memories.