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Spruce Up Your Dining Room

by Anne Middleton, on January 27th, 2015

Ambiance in the dining room can be just as important as the food that’s being served.  Even if you are not a foodie that likes to nibble haute cuisine, a drab dining room can be a real downer.  If you want a fun DIY project that will reinvigorate your dining space, consider stowing away the stuffy old kitchen fixtures and replacing them with accoutrements made of auto parts.

Napkin rings are often lost or an afterthought, but they add so much noblesse to a table.  You’re guests (or you) will never scarf down their food when they are treated to a conversation piece napkin ring.  Try a gear or a Mercedes decal and you’re dinner guests will not only swoon over your entrees, but your recherché décor.  Visit Advance Auto Parts to get your creative gears going.

You may not have a chandelier, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make the most of lighting.  Lighting is so important to create a pleasing environs.  Light with a Turbo or supercharger table lamp with air filter lamp shade for electrical light, and for candlelight, consider a candle stick made from a piston.  4 Wheel Parts will help you take that oh-so-dull lighting schema from rote to haute.

For a more elaborate project, consider a candelabra fashioned from a gear as the base with piston candleholders.  Industrial, yet, bewitching, you’ll love these conversation pieces, especially as you pass the bread around the table.  4WheelDrive.com can help you get the conversation started. 

Speaking of passing the bread, why not fashion a bread basket or fruit bowl from gears or washers wired together?  Or, better yet, create unique chargers for your table setting.  The chargers you see in the chain home décor stores are usually melamine and some garish Pantone shade of the moment.  Craft a charger with gears and washers and you’ll have chargers that your grandkids may want to inherit someday.  Auto Parts Warehouse has an awe-inducing collection for you to work with.

Just like a master-crafted dish, masterfully curated décor in the dining room can help create last memories.  Scrap the melamine and the chain decorator’s stores and opt for a more memorable dining room.  Use our promo codes to save, and use your savings to buy a great bottle of vintage and some truffles.