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St. Nicholas Day

by Anne Middleton, on November 19th, 2015

In Flemish and Dutch speaking countries, St. Nicholas’ Day, Dec. 6th, is all about the shoes.  As Christmastide nears, children leave their shoes out for St. Nick to fill.  It is also customary for children to leave edibles for St. Nicholas’ horse, like hay,carrots and apples.  In exchange, Nicholas leaves candy and small gifts in the shoes.  If you have Belgian or Dutch ancestry, or just love trying out new holiday traditions, perhaps it would be fun to reinvigorate this tradition in your home.  We’ve picked out a few favorite shoes if you want to exchange gifts with Nicholas and his equine companion in case you don’t have some wooden clodhoppers around.

A Nod to Tradition
UGG doesn’t offer wooden shoes (ouch), but they do have shoes with a pastoral look to them.  A nod to yesteryear, the Tasman men’s shoe is reminiscent of the traditional Dutch wooden shoe.  After you take the candy and treats out, you have a treat of a shoe to wear.   You’ll get free shipping and free returns on your orders when you use our codes—not that you’ll want to return a gift from good old St. Nick.

A Little Sparkle for the Holidays
The holidays are ideal for those spakle-y dresses and if you need a glittery shoe for your fetes and feet, then look no further than Boston Proper.  St. Nick would approve of you getting the Glitter Glam Bootie as long as you leave a delicacy for him and his equine. St. Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, so you’ll also be blessed with 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

Dash Through the Snow
Converse has teamed up with Woolrich, the America’s oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear to create a boot ready for any gelid excursions you may have in mind.  In bright, eye-popping tartans you can customize, make a fashion statement to impress St. Nicholas.  Choose the Chuck Taylor All Star Woolrich Hi-Rise Boot for the most room for candy and toys from St. Nick.  Converse offers $5.95 flat rate shipping—no horses or tiny reindeer required. 

Jolly old St. Nicholas will love it if you leave gifts for him and his horse on December 6th. Putting out treats for Nicholas’ horse could be your new favorite holiday tradition.  Treat yourself to some new shoes this holiday season and save with our codes.