starbucks cup controversy

Starbucks Cup Controversy

by Anne Middleton, on November 16th, 2015

Starbuck’s ombre, minimalist scarlet cup for the holidays has generated quite the controversy.  Some declare it’s a manifestation of the “War on Christmas” while others criticize the outrage culture the internet helps to create.  Right now, it’s understandable if you’re sipping your peppermint mocha a little more pensively these days.  What’s interesting is Starbucks claims it wanted to encourage more doodling on the cups, a pastime of many customers, hence they opted for a more minimalist design. Curious, I investigated where you could see some of these doodles.

1. Pinterest—Starbucks itself culls many photos from Instagram onto a dedicated Pinterest Board called “Starbucks Cup Art”.  The board has a near 155K strong following.  If you’re scribbling on your cup canvas and want to share, get a new Iphone from T-Mobile and be sure to outfit it with Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Buzz Feed—Josh Hara’s cup cartoons were a covered by Buzz Feed and worthy of a peak if you need distraction.  Check out his #100CoffeeCups project on Twitter too.  A dab hand at coffee cup art, these cups will cause you to smirk. Hara cites the “pristine” quality of the white Starbucks cups as the catalyst for his oeurves.  Got a delightful doodle of your own?  Snap a shot of it on your pristine LG G4 from Verizon.

3. Starbucks News Room—Starbucks has sponsored contests two years in a row for cup artistes.  Standouts for the 2015 Partner Contest, with over 1800 entrants, had their sketches offered on reusable cups.  Check it out online.

The holidays are here, whether you like the poppy and cranberry ombre-hued Starbucks holiday coffee cup or not.  If you are eyeing stocking stuffers, a nimble new mobile device might be just the thing, and perhaps a gift card for some coffee too.  Our codes can connect you to all kinds of savings on mobile devices and service and other great gifts and not put you on the naughty list for overspending.