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Stay Fashionable in Any Climate

by Anne Middleton, on April 10th, 2015

The Northeastern part of the country has been lambasted this year with unprecedented snowfalls and brobdingnagian storms.  Meteorologists are purloining more TV time than Kanye West at a Grammy podium.  “Will it EVER end?” Scream the folks out east.  Meanwhile record breaking heat and drought are swallowing California.  Normal circadian rhythms?  Perhaps.  Global warming?  Maybe.  But whatever the cause, people are talking about it.  And, while the weather may normally be the thing of superfluous small talk at social gatherings, this confabulation is tinged with desperation.  Help!

So, in an effort to uplift the outlook of the frigid New England States (or, perhaps, because it’s just that time of year), is turning up the heat with fabulous fashions for spring. Festooned in spring colors, rompers, jumpsuits, swimwear and Printed Maxis are now ready to jump off the shelves and adorn some chilly bodies.  And, BostonProper is launching its own inaugural fragrance.  So, for those folks still circumventing piles of precipitation, they can, at least, smell like spring with the new eponymous, “Boston Proper” cologne.  

Regardless of the weather, Nike has the ensemble for you.  Whether you’re pursuing the warmth and extra comfort intrinsic to the Nike Fleece Cape (with the advantageous drop hem in the back to hide any extra junk in you trunk) or the casual coolness of Nike Dri-Fit knit shirts that wick away the sweat for those sweltry runs, Nike has the running wear for you.

You don’t need to know what season it is to appreciate UGG Australia's luxurious full length bathrobes.  Just relax, turn on the TV, prostrate yourself on the couch and luxuriate in this soft and fuzzy loungewear.  Take nary a glimpse nor a gander at the weather channel though, it’s rough out there.

Winter in snowy climes necessitates shoveling snow.  And, if you are a kid (regardless of age) and a basketball player, the first place that gets cleared is the driveway where the hoop is.  Times may have changed but the amaranthine coolness that is the Converse Chuck Taylors is still present today. And, today you can knock the socks off your opponents with a plethora of styles, patterns and even customizable shoes.  If you’re gonna do the copious undertaking of shoveling before the game, you might as well look stupendous while you’re playing.

So, sit back and enjoy the elements, cold or hot, snowy or sunny, just be prepared and adorn your anatomy accordingly.