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Stop Looking For A Nice, Normal Guy

by Anne Middleton, on September 15th, 2015

A recent study shows that being a “non-conformist” is actually more attractive to the opposite gender.   The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin is encouraging women to fly their freak flag a little a bit more and shed the stereotype of the submissive woman. Here’s a few freaktastic dating site, we bet you didn’t know existed:

1.  Mullet Passions:  The site for people who have and love people who have mullets.  Redneck rendezvous for romance are available on this site, which is part of a larger network of social-media oriented Passions sites like Voodoo Passions, Plumber Passions and Taxidermy Passions.  If you’ve ever been dispassionate about your lacking mobile device it’s time to get a LG Leon LTE from T-Mobile and find someone who shares your passion for opera.  Get free shipping on your order of $25 or more using our codes. 

2. Purrrsonals:  Crazy cat ladies, your cat prince is out there.  If you love felines, pursue a mate that loves them too.  Dubbed the cat lover’s social network, the site was even featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  Utilizing Facebook and Twitter, this is one site that’s sure to find you your purrfect mate. 

3. Clown Dating:  This site is not clowning around about helping your find the love of your life.  If your love life has been a three-ring circus and you prize the ability to fashion balloon animals in a mate, then this site is for you!

4. Gluten Free Singles:  Share your healthy lifestyle with your new mate.  Peruse the health-conscious singles on your new iPhone and load some gluten-free recipe apps on your iPhone too.  Verizon offers free shipping on your order using our codes, so bon appetite and bon soir!  Share your decadent gluten-free desert with someone who shares your ardor for gluten free food. 

“Love looks with the heart and not with the eyes and therefore winged Cupid is painted blind,” wrote Shakespeare.  Sometimes we are blind to what we need the most, and many of us need a dose of weird.  Instead of questing after normal and safe, incorporate a little weird and see what happened in your love life!  Meanwhile, we’ve got codes that will help you save a bit for your nuptials.