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Storage Wars

by Anne Middleton, on May 14th, 2015

If you’ve ever watched the myriad of reality programming about pawn brokers, picking, storage wars or even “Antiques Roadshow,” you know that what appears to be junk could be a priceless treasure.  Unfortunately, you can’t always carry your desktop computer with you to research some cool finds you’ve scoped out at old Mrs. McFlattery’s garage sale.  That’s why if you’re a serious treasure hunter, you need a trusty smart phone with the best antique apps at your disposal.

Let’s say you never got your fantasy of being an archaeologist fulfilled.  You can still keep your pulse on the antiquities market when you load Minerva Magazine on your iPhone or Ipad.  You’ll save a  bundle that can you redirect to expanding your collection of Roman coinage.  When you use or codes, get free shipping all orders from T-Mobile. 

If your tastes are less highfalutin’ or just eclectic, WorthPoint is the app for you when you go on your weekend antiquing raids.  Worthpoint boasts over 230 million sales records from auction houses, including eBay.  You won’t be raiding your savings ever again when you use or codes from Verizon.  Get $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices. 

Whether you hot got for Hummel figurines or titillated by Tiffany lamps, never go to an estate sale unprepared again.  Great apps are available, but you have to have a great phone too!  Use our codes and you’ll get the bargain of your life!