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Streaming Your Workout

by Anne Middleton, on April 15th, 2015

According to a recent story on “Good Morning America,” more and more people today are staying home and streaming their workouts on YouTube instead of trotting off to the gym or yoga studio.  Definitely closer and far less expensive, YouTube channel workouts may be neoteric but they’re not always prudent.  Just because a video cracks a million hits, doesn’t, necessarily, mean its star ever cracked a Kinesiology textbook.

And, while they say you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Similarly, you can’t judge a trainer by his torso.  Make sure that any YouTube coach comes with credentials.  (And, always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.)  But, perhaps, consider being a little temperate with the tablets and eschew the ipads.  Find a gym or yoga studio or even walk with friends in the park.  Save your YouTube time for cute kitten videos.

Sometimes, one of the best parts about exercise, is the snazzy new workout gear.  Converse has some funky new styles out now with everything from the Jack Percell Painted Graphic low top canvas shoe to the Andy Warhol inspired Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers with Campbell’s Soup Cans on them.  Hopefully, you’ll do more than 15 minutes of exercise in them.  And, while these may be a little more fashion than function, you can still look good on your stylish stroll through the park or to the gym.

Nike used to have a Spike Lee commercial that touted, “It’s gotta be the shoes.”  And, depending on the activity, shoes really can make a substantive difference in performance.  Nobody beats Nike for sport-specific footwear.  And, if your idea of a perfect walk is on a golf course, Nike has the golf cleats for you. Lightweight and flexible with great cushioning you’ll definitely be up to par in these shoes…or, wait, underpar….you know what I mean. 

Now that you’re leaving the confines of your home cybergym, you’ll also need 2 more things.  Sunglasses to protect your eyes and some kind of a tote bag to transport those training toys in.  While they may not be quite big enough for a yoga bag, UGG has some stupendously stylish totes for your shoes, water bottles and smart phones.  Hey, if you’re giving up YouTube for an hour or so, you need to at least check your phone, right?  I mean, what yoga class would be complete without someone’s phone chirping away in the middle of it?

And, Boston Proper has some tortoise pattern retro cat sunglasses that their website claims will have you channeling your inner Bridget Bardot.  And, if you’re too young to remember Bridget Bardot, just know you will look fundamentally flawless in these sassy shades.

So, while a streaming workout every now and again can be very convenient, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in the real world too.