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Strike Up The Band!

by Anne Middleton, on December 9th, 2014

Loud music from wireless gadgets, young DJs, “party music”, streaming dance videos, hot clubs, remixes…all trends that have taken over our culture in cities big and small. 

So let’s join together and become pioneers. Let’s commence with making our own new trend…automobile accessories as musical instruments!  It’s not difficult to imagine, especially if you are a gear head.

Come explore the possibilities.

At Auto Parts Warehouse you’ll discover a 7-Piece Socket Set. A car socket is a hollow component of an automobile part made up from a durable substance. This particular assortment of sockets from Auto Parts Warehouse is fashioned from heat-treated alloy steel.  As a collection, it offers different sized sockets that can produce a medley of sounds that resonate with all demographics. This naturally creates a perfect instrument, embracing myriad tones, not unlike a mini-pipe organ.

4 Wheel Drive tire rims in gloss black lend a magical sound when hit with a metal object as if they were part of a drum set. These aluminum, U.V. clear coated round objects built especially for today's Jeeps are a rock star’s dream with their shiny and gleaming shape.  As part of a musical ensemble, these shimmering rims generate a stunning pitch that is mind-blowing to hear. Any band would want it as part of their group.

But these types of accessories need a mechanism to tap on them in order to produce musical harmony and synchronization.

Advanced Auto Parts’ Multi-Piece Ratcheting Combination Wrench Sets are durable precision tools and come in a variety of sizes. And guess what? They are ideal as “drumsticks.” You’ll be able to pound away to your heart’s content whether you have petite hands or massive fingers.

Many wrench set versions feature a smooth, polished exterior that wipes clean after even the dirtiest of jobs, which is a critical feature required for any pop icon. But no musical performance would be complete without special effects.

Lighting options to create memorable melodic performances are located effortlessly at 4 Wheel Parts. Spotlights, red lights, motion detection lights and more are all critical to impressing your audience and affecting the ambience during a concert…even if you are just entertaining in your garage.  With the outrageous array of illumination devices at 4 Wheel Parts, anything is possible!

So book that nightclub! The new trend of auto accessories for all styles of music is about to explode on the scene!