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Styling Spring Scarves

by Anne Middleton, on May 18th, 2015

Now that spring has finally reared its head and the slew of summer holidays are creeping up, you’ve probably packed away your heavy knit scarves. But, hopefully you left room in your closet for a bevy of enchanting lightweight wraps. Since they don’t need to keep you warm, spring and summer scarves can focus their full attention on graceful good looks. Of course you could just twirl them around you neck, but there are plenty of other creative ways to incorporate scarves into your wardrobe this season.

As a headwrap:  Look like a fashion icon even on your worst hair days.  Cover unruly tresses by folding a petite silky scarf into a triangle, placing it over your head and tying it in place. For a retro glam look reminiscent of a starlet from Hollywood’s glory days, let the scarf slip farther back on your head, with wispy bangs peaking out, and wraps the ends around your neck. Pair the look with your favorite A-line dress.  Or, get the modish boho look by resting the scarf on your forehead so that it makes a snug cap and pair it with a long, flowing dress and colorful Converse sneakers.

As a belt:  Give your favorite denim an instantly chic upgrade with the easy addition of a scarf belt. Replace your worn leather waist piece by running a skinny scarf through the loops of your pants and tying in the center or slightly askew. Pull on some rustic cowboy boots from Boston Proper to complete the high-fashion look. 

As a beach cover:  Spending a day lounging in the beach and playing in the surf doesn’t mean you have look windblown and sandy. An oversized scarf is all you need to look glam at the beach. Take a gossamer square scarf in a shimmery shade or a vibrant print, wrap it around your back and tie it in the front, just above your bust.  Let the ends hang loose, or tuck them in, for a stylish swimsuit cover that pairs perfectly with a pair of leather sandals from Ugg Australia.

On a purse: Whether your ensemble is casual with jeans and Nike sneakers or upscale with a classic little black dress, every outfit looks better with impeccable accessories. Take your handbag from boring to vogue by wrapping a scarf around the handle. By tying an edgy knot or a charming bow, a simple purse becomes an exclusive showpiece.