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Successful Tips for Rejoining the Work Force

by Anne Middleton, on February 9th, 2015

Your house has converted from a noisy, chaotic daily living experience to an almost silent dwelling since your kids have commenced attending school full-time.  They grow in a flash!  There is some good news that accompanies this life altering schedule. Now you can reappear in the working world and contribute to the family’s earnings.  Those little munchkins require enormous wardrobes and college won’t be cheap either.

Although your experience as a high level executive was impressive seven years ago, it has been quite a stretch of time since you job searched.  These days, everything seems to be done electronically…no more sending in your resume by snail mail. Even some interviews are executed over the web!

Determined to compose a breathtaking, impressive resume that no employer could pass up, you initiate the process to capture your impressive qualifications on paper.  Potential bosses and recruiters will certainly be spellbound on the successful triumphs you have executed. More importantly, they will compete to hire you knowing the prospective contributions you will accomplish to escalate their corporation.

Unfortunately, when assessing your first draft of your work history, you are stunned to realize that it fills up less than half a page of paper.  Even you would not be stimulated to interview yourself if this career profile landed on your desk.  The second draft of your dossier isn’t much improved.  So you opt to consult your husband on the content of your Curriculum Vitae.  Regretfully, he is preoccupied with his own professional tasks and his advice is negligible.

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You need a plan, so you put together a strategy to create a superlative, first class resume that will be unsurpassed. The following outline provides a path toward a gang-buster, unsurpassed resume:

1. Introduce Your Credentials
Launch the rundown with a core set of trade and technical skills, including demonstrating both the depth and breadth of your expertise. Begin by recounting your occupational achievements with an eye to the future. While emphasizing your past achievements, also focus on skills for a new set of challenges.

2. Promote Your Management Talents
A humanistic approach to managing workers is prevalent in today’s business establishments. Administrative and interpersonal "soft" skills must be integrated in your summation with examples that demonstrate you are capable of being a team player.

3. Focus on the Future
Some of the job skills that might have moved your resume to the top of the pile a few years ago might not be worth as much in the current business environment.  You vow to re-word your competences to prove your talents are relevant in the contemporary marketplace.

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Okay, now you possess a well-defined approach to organizing a kick-ass document.  But then you get stuck. Putting together this unfamiliar record tougher than you imagined.  Before you panic and fall to pieces, you recall that a good friend utilized the professional resources at The resume recommendations on this job site deliver an impactful, powerful and authentic synopsis that highlights a stellar career.

You press on with renewed hope and enthusiasm realizing you will soon be involved in the corporate environment once again.