verizon cellphone bench

Suffer from Nomophobia?

by Anne Middleton, on May 4th, 2015

The moment that you start to anxiously grasp about your person for your cell phone…those dreaded frozen few seconds of time that cause you to cringe.  You may have nomophobia, the fear of losing cell phone contact.  Nomophobic or not, losing a cellphone is an unnerving experience, but if you need to replace that device or may be looking to change carriers, we can ease your fears. 

T-Mobile offers unlimited 4G LTE data and 2 lines for $100.  You can bring your own phone or shop T-Mobile’s vast selection.  Whether you’re an Apple fan or love Samsung, T-Mobile has a phone for you to get nomophobic about.  Use our codes, get free shipping on all your orders and pay a little extra for Premium Handset Protection insurance on your phone for quick replacement in a scatter-brained moment. 

Ready to upgrade to the Iphone 6, but unsure?  Verizon has great incentives using our codes.  Get $50 off and free shipping using our codes.  If your nomophobia is still inhibiting you, Total Mobile Protection from Verizon has you covered, even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.  We warrant you’ll get a wonderful deal using our codes.

Life’s too short for nomophobia.  Never be trepidated by the glimmer of losing your phone again when you shop using our codes for Verizon and T-Mobile.  The savings you get from us can be redirected to buying equipment protection and help you breathe easier.