Summer Fashion for Kids

by Joe Graceffa, on August 8th, 2017

Once upon a time, children would wear whatever their parents bought for them. Not anymore. Being a kid and wearing the most current fashion trend has become an essential part of growing up in today’s world. And summer fashion is especially important this year.


Summertime is the ideal time for parties, outdoor activities, and family trips. And that means an updated wardrobe for your kids. We’ve listed some of the “must have” kid’s summer fashions that will please your little ones without breaking the bank, especially with the coupon codes we’ve included:


1. Floral. Women of all ages love flowers. So it’s no wonder that girls in dresses with brightly colored flowers are all the rage this season.


But believe it or not, whimsical flower prints on summer wardrobe staples are no longer just for girls. High-end kids streetwear showing bold floral prints on boys tops and bottoms are on every retailer’s website. A dark background is key for a bit of masculine edge but also helps to make prints pop.


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2. Tropical Prints. A variety of island-inspired motifs will also rock kids’ clothes in the summer months, including tropical flowers, palm trees, butterflies, pineapples, and flamingos. The quintessential design of summer, these patterns appeal to everyone from toddlers to teens.


3. Denim. Denim is always in style when it comes to fashion at any age, but for children, it is almost a right of passage. Whether in 5-pocket shorts, a cute jumper or the eternal classic jeans, the choices are endless. Denim always seems to look great in all styles and it is easily adaptable to every taste. Every kid has at least one denim item in their closet and this summer many will be embroidered to take this fashion staple to a higher level. As always, soft, worn-in, baggy jeans are “in” for boys.


4. Linen. This fabric is not the linen you remember from your own childhood.  Much of the wrinkled, disheveled appearance has been replaced with material that stays looking good all day long in a fabric that keeps the body cool. 


Linen shirt dresses have a loose shape this season that is perfect for kids during the hot summer weather. This versatile clothing item goes from beach cover-up to picnic to building sand castles without needing a change in outfit.


Most popular in earth and nude tones, this latest summer apparel becomes fully completed with some nice child-friendly accessories, like a sea shell bracelet.


5. Shoe Options.  Once the weather warms up, kids are always on the go, so slide-on or lace-less sneakers are perfect for your busy boy or girl. They come in all different colors and patterns to fit every kids' taste. Plus, you won’t be nagging your child to stop and tie their shoe before they trip on their laces!


And don’t forget about those ultra-comfortable, classic thongs or flat sandals that we all lived in when we were young. These days your trendy kid can dress up their outfit with a bright metallic pair of gladiator sandals, or just keep it simple with a basic pair in brown or black.


Sports are a part of every kid's summer experience whether it be at camp, at the park or running around the neighborhood. In today’s world of specialized sneakers, there is a shoe for every style and activity imaginable. The combinations of bright neon colors in a single shoe are mesmerizing and right on trend for summer 2017.


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6. Headbands. Not just for adult workouts, frilly headbands with flowers, bows, sparkles, and jewels are all the rage for girls and teens. With winter hat season behind us, this the perfect time for cute hair accessories. These provide an easy way to add flair to a simple outfit, dressy or casual. Get one with a big bow attached for even more wow-factor.


7. Patterned Leggings. Leggings have become the unofficial uniform for girls of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Short styles and crop length are perfect for summertime when matched with an oversized top. And the trend for the season is fabulous prints that capture the freedom of summer.


8. Message Tees. Perhaps the most widely desired trend this summer is the graphic t-shirt. Boys and girls of all ages appreciate an item of clothing with a cool graphic or saying to fit their personality. Whether it is an inspirational saying or a superhero, these are super popular and show no sign of stopping. Most are relatively inexpensive, and you can find them in almost any clothing store. Kids can now make a statement with their clothes – literally.


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9. Splish Splash. Combining comfort and durability with the latest trends makes for a big challenge with children’s swimsuits. This season, the most popular swimwear has built-in UV protection whether it is a rash guard, board short or girl’s two-piece.

Every kid deserves not only relaxed but also fun and stylish outfits. But summer fashion for children doesn’t have to be sloppy to be comfortable. Remember, good taste is generated from childhood, so teach kids how to wear fashionable and affordable clothes while they’re young.