Sunglasses: Never Leave Home Without Them

Sunglasses are your eye’s best friend and one of the most important things to own this summer. Click to learn more!

by Anne Middleton, on June 14th, 2016

Every year, over 95.9 million pairs of sunglasses are sold in the United States.  This simple and stylish accessory is a necessity in protecting your eyes from serious short and long-term health issues that can be caused by ultraviolet rays. For example, skin cancers of the eyelid account for 5% - 10% of all skin cancers.  Even macular degeneration, a major cause of vision loss, maybe linked to harmful UV light.   That’s where Ray-Ban and EyeBuyDirect can help.  These specialty eyeglass merchants offer an almost endless choice of sunglass styles, shapes and sizes to support your vision health.


Growing up, Ray-Ban sunglasses were the coolest accessory to own. Ray-Ban always offered the highest quality new and classic frames, lenses and colors. Founded in 1937 Ray-Ban has always been best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses.

Today, Ray-Ban’s leadership role in the sunglass category continues as the most established eyewear brand. Every style of sunglasses in the Ray-Ban collection are products of meticulous, authentic styling that take the latest fashion trends to appeal to millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world.

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Purchasing Sunglasses

The essential reasons for wearing sunglasses are often overlooked. Choosing a pair of eye protection glasses with the essential features and benefits requires a bit of knowledge and research. 

Sales of sunglasses total an estimated $3,596,000,000 annually.  Before you spend your hard earned money on a pair of sunglasses, review these important tips when choosing a new pair of sunglasses:

• UV Rays.  Always select sunglasses that offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Both types can damage vision. Packaging or signage on the product should indicate the sunglasses have the ability to absorb and block 99% - 100% of both UVA and UVB light. Sunglasses should also be labeled to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. You can count on quality sunglass sellers such as Ray-Ban and EyeBuyDirect to meet this important criteria.

• Wrap Around. The most effective sunglass protection occurs from a pair that shields the eyes, eyelids and surrounding areas. The more skin you cover, the better. Wraparound styles with a comfortable, close fit and UV-protective side shields are optimal. This style of sunglasses offers ultimate protection of your eyes from UV rays and may even reduce the risk of cataracts. Ray-Ban offers wrap-around styles that also protect the tender skin around your eyes from sun exposure.

Comfort. Be sure the glasses are comfortable and make you feel that you look good so you will wear them frequently and not leave them in your glove compartment. Sunglasses have always tended to be associated with some degree of “coolness” and style.

To assure you select the perfect sunglasses for your lifestyle, Ray-Ban offers sunglass customization.  You simply choose the model, color, lenses and even add engraving for a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses tailored to your every need.

• Non-Glare. Polarized lenses eliminate glare, especially when driving.  It is an advantage which may actually save your life and the lives of others. Sunglasses are useful when it comes to reducing the sun’s garish glare whether you are on the snow, water or highways. The anti-glare covering on glasses from EyeBuyDirect can reduce reflections caused from computers, roads and more. EyeBuyDirect also offers  polarized safety coating that can reduce the dangerous reflections from water and roads.

• Dry-Eye Problems. Many people suffer from environmentally based dry-eye syndrome. For example, windy environments can easily dry out both the skin and the eyes, causing dry-eye irritation. Sunglasses from Ray-Ban may help protect against dry-eye syndrome by blocking the wind and from getting in your eyes.

• Squinting and Eye Strain. Sunglasses can actually decrease the amount of squinting you do, which allows you to see more clearly and helps your eyes to feel less tired. Plus, when sunglasses deter your eyes from squinting, you may reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eye area….an added bonus!

• Color. Sunglass lenses come in many shades; look for the lens color that provides you with the most comfortable vision. When it comes to superior lenses and fashionable sunglasses, EyeBuyDirect is the destination to go to.  This website offers “Eye Buy,” a completely unique feature available at  It allows customers to upload photos and then superimpose EyeBuyDirect glasses overtop their pictures to "try on" the glasses.

And if you are overwhelmed by the choices, EyeBuyDirect can help with Live Chat, top 10 lists and loads of photos. has phenomenal prices for budget conscious consumers with great customer service.  Enjoy even more savings when you stop by for EyeBuyDirect coupon codes.

A Word About Kids and Sunglasses

Not all kids enjoy wearing sunglasses, especially the first few times. To encourage them to wear shades, let kids select a style they like. EyeBuyDirect offers super durable and colorful frames that appeal just to kids.

Or get them started with Ray-Ban iconic Aviator style in a size perfect for children. The junior version of the Ray-Ban Aviator offers the same legendary pilot look and 100% UV protection. This Ray-Ban model comes in a variety of statement-making lens treatments and colors as well as the classics, sized especially for kids.

And don't forget that children want to be like grown-ups. If you wear sunglasses regularly, your kids may be willing to follow your example. Providing sunglasses early in childhood will encourage the habit of wearing them in the future.

To Sum It Up…

Sunglasses are your eye’s best friend and one of the most important things to own this summer. You should never leave home without them. There are seemingly infinite choices of stylish sunglasses available from Ray-Ban. After checking out the pricing advantages at EyeBuyDirect, you may want to consider buying several pairs of sunglasses and keep them in the car, in your purse, in your golf bag and take them to the beach.