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Surefire Ways to Meet a Police Officer

by Anne Middleton, on March 6th, 2015

So you’re looking to get to know your local law enforcement officers a little better. Maybe you hope to snag an officer, with his dapper uniform and gleaming badge, as a potential suitor. Maybe you want to make a donation to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund without stopping by the pancake breakfast. Perhaps you have some extraneous cash crowding your back account that you’ve earmarked for higher insurance premiums, court fees and traffic violation tickets. Whatever your warped reasoning, you need a fail-safe strategy for meeting a police officer. Or, maybe not. You’d probably rather skip any rendezvous with law enforcement officers. If so, consider the following as tips as what not to do.


When it comes to excuses for meeting police officers, exceeding the speed limit is a classic move. Speed violations make up the bulk of the traffic stops officers make. If you and Sammy Hagar have something in common and you can’t drive 55, a cruise control system from 4 Wheel Drive could help keep you off the radar. 

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Equipment violations

Patrolmen keep their eyes peeled for equipment issues on passing vehicles, so if you’re looking to introduce yourself to an officer, faulty equipment could be your best opportunity. You could go with something mundane, like an expired registration sticker, but that wouldn’t give you and your newfound officer friend much to talk about during your roadside stop. Overly tinted windows, burned out lights and broken windshields are all apt to get you pulled over.  But, if getting stopped during your commute, repair your ticket-worthy violations with a new lighting kit from 4 Wheel Parts or a lighter variety of window tint from Advance Auto Parts.

Distracted driving

With hands-free laws popping up in nearly every state, distracted driving transgressions are officer’s new favorite reason to pull drivers over. Applying mascara or chomping on a sandwich can all earn you an encounter with a police officer. Of course cell phones play a role in most distracted driving infringements. If an officer spies you sending off a quick email, responding to a text message, checking in on Facebook or conversing with a crony on a mobile device, they are bound to turn on the lights and siren. If you hope to bypass distracted driving citations, abstain from lunch on the turnpike and invest in a Bluetooth device from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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