Swett, South Dakota Is For Sale

by Anne Middleton, on December 11th, 2015

Swett, South Dakota is for sale, and if you’ve got $250,000 you can call this ghost town your own.  Ghosts included.  Swett was founded in 1932, but never had over 40 residents.  Now, Swett is attracting the curiosity of folks who want to live off the grid, be their own mayor or make strange reality TV shows.  The $250,000 question is how you make a town like this viable.  It doesn’t boast any remarkable architecture, if you’re just perusing the photos available online.  It does have a bar though, so if you’ve ever wanted your own bar and are willing to move, Swett looks like a prime opportunity. 

Here’s a few ideas folks have tossed around about Swett:

Pheasant Hunting Destination—Swett is supposedly a "popular place for pheasant hunting."  So, if you’re looking to create some yesteryear inspired fun, how about a hunting lodge? Hunting expenditures top $22.9 billion annually, so reinvigorating Swett as a hunter’s destination could be a lucrative opportunity.  Get all your camping tools from 4 Wheel Parts, like Smittybilt Pocket Tool PAK, and save.  Need to go off road with guests?   All your Jeep’s needs can be covered, even replacement soft tops, when you shop online with 4 Wheel Drive.

Motorcycle Haven—Swett is a mere two hours from famed motorcycle destination Sturgis.  Catering to this market, especially with a reinvigorated bar and other motorcyclist friendly amenities could be a winning proposition.  Stock up on motorcycle oil from Advance Auto Parts

Movie Set—An uninhabited town can make for a great movie set, which is why many are eyeing Swett as an investment opportunity.  Complete with a bar and empty streets, staging a high speed chase is far less hassle.  Also, besides being close to Sturgis, the natural beauty of the Oglala Grassland and Black Hills National Forrest aren’t too far away either.  Auto Parts Warehouse has all your garage needs covered, so keep those picture cars in tip top shape with Universal-Mothers Car Shampoo and save using our codes. 

If you’re thinking about buying Swett, you’ll need sweat equity and a little creativity to harness the potential of this diamond in the rough.  Use our codes and save as you pursue your dreams, whether they take you to Swett or not.




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