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Tablets Equal Freedom

by Anne Middleton, on September 2nd, 2015

I am a member of the ever growing contingent of Americans who possess and lean on having access to a cell phone.  I am also a laptop aficionado.  With ownership of these two technological miracles, I was one of those people who could not phantom what I would ever do with a tablet as a third device.  
In fact, it seemed slightly insane that people would add another technological gadget to their wardrobe of communication devices. But one fine day I was given a top-notched, first-rate tablet as a gift and my life changed for eternity. No longer was I tied to the chore of packing my laptop and weighing down my suitcase for every business excursion. The need for super-powerful reading classes to peruse email communication on my Smartphone screen was now no longer necessary. I was free!
And here are my top 4 reasons for having a love affair with my tablet:
#4  It’s Portable
The physical strain of carrying a lightweight tablet is far less than that of carrying a full size laptop computer. And even though laptops are obviously designed to use on your lap, many of them are cumbersome and awkward, especially when you cross your legs and this apparatus slips to one side.

Tablets are versatile and are comfortable to use from the couch, from the bed, while watching TV or eating. You can even hold the tablet with one hand which is great for reading or sharing the screen with others.

#3  Immediate Entertainment
Tablet PCs are also great for entertaining the kids (and even adults) on long car or plane trips; Watching a movie or playing games makes a tablet a fabulous babysitter.

#2 Fast Start Up
Admit it.  It is annoying when you are in a rush and there is an urgency to get onto your laptop.  No such problem with a tablet. 

#1  It’s Fun!
Many tablet PCs offer rotating screens which makes using them with another person even easier. And then there are the apps….literally hundreds of thousands of apps.  You can download apps on any of your favorite topics or activities from sports to knitting to cooking instruction to anything you can imagine.

So with all the choices flooding the market, how an you possibly determine which tablet to select?

When purchasing a tablet, an important consideration is screen size. The knowledgeable folks at T-Mobile have a multitude of choices and can help you procure the best option for your needs.

Verizon customer service personnel are gurus that can outfit your tablet with a huge selection of accessories, including wireless speakers that add life to your movie-watching and chargers that help your tablet keep up with you.

Regardless where business or pleasure takes you, a tablet can be an easy and manageable companion.