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Take Advantage Of The Season To Exercise Outside

Spring is a great time to take your exercise routine outside! Click to read more!

by Anne Middleton, on March 29th, 2016

Hello warmer weather!  And that means we can all say a happy hello to hiking trails and biking and athletic clothes from Under Armour, streamlined bikes from Performance Bike and fabulous walking shoes from New Balance.

This is a great time to take your exercise routine outside…or to create a brand new exercise regime to enjoy the outdoors.

There is an amazing assortment of open-air activities to choose from, most easily accessible within a couple of miles of your home. And if we are honest, everything is more fun outside, whether you're swimming, running or cycling.

1. Walking Rules

Simply walking around your neighborhood or on a hiking trail provides a beneficial aerobic workout. Research reveals it can actually add years to your life.  If you need to “walk with a purpose, then stake a stroll to a friend’s home or to a local Farmer’s Market and you’ll get the extra benefit of a cardio workout at the same time!

Walking, running and enjoying nearby hiking trails are much more fun with footwear from New Balance. For more than 100 years, New Balance has believed in one simple truth: we were born to move, whether you are a trying to live a healthy lifestyle or if you are a professional athlete. New Balance offers patterns and designs as well as traditional and conventional shoe models to keep your feet comfortable and allow you to excel at your exercise of choice.

Providing the ultimate blend of function and fashion, along with performance technology and the style, New Balance creates an extensive line of superior athletic shoes. Plus, New Balance always has, and always will be, committed to making shoes in America.

New Balance sale items are first class as well. Bu with New Balance’s sale prices you’ll have to be quick to catch the ones you want. You can enjoy deeper discounts when you use a New Balance coupon from PromoCodesForYou!

2. Outdoor Cycling

Riding a bike recaptures the joy of being a kid while providing an amazing workout. Quite simply, it’s fun! If you are adventurous enough to ride your bike to work, you are already adding a fitness activity into your day.

If you have been contemplating the idea of cycling, consider Performance bicycles.  Since 1982 Performance has been committed to giving cyclists the best selection of products, the best value and the best service in the category.

Performance bicycle now has over 100 stores located in 19 states and more than 10,000 related products available on line. No wonder Performance is a leading shopping destination for people who love to cycle. But before you make a purchase, enjoy the money saving Performance Bike coupons at PromoCodesforYou.com

3. Take a Hike

There is a reason superstars Steph Curry and Michael Phelps have pledged their loyalty to Under Armour.  Under Armour started with a simple plan to make a superior t-shirt that provided compression and wicked perspiration off the skin rather than absorb it. They produced one of the first athletic shirts that worked with the body to regulate temperature and enhance performance.

Founded in 1996, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel that keeps the body cool and dry throughout a workout. Their innovative clothing is perfect for exploring hiking trails. It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for your workout, especially when you are comfortable in your workout gear.

Under Armour apparel that features unique engineered materials that won’t chafe, but dries fast, stretches without absorbing sweat and delivers anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor causing microbes. Many of Under Armour apparel features reflective logos for greater visibility. You’ll enjoy taking in the local scenery and working up a sweat in your high-performance Under Armour gear.

There are countless reasons to take advantage of the season to exercise outdoors. For example:

• Fresh air helps our minds and bodies to soak in oxygen and this can give us energy and a feeling of greater vitality

• Being outdoors for our workout increases relaxation after a stressful day at work or taking care of family

• Spending time in the out of doors made people 50 percent happier than spending time at the gym

• The sun is a good source of vitamin D which our bodies need to stay strong and healthy.

• And of course, it’s free to exercise outdoors!

The warm weather won’t last forever, so get to PromoCodesforYou.com and enjoy a Performance Bike coupon for a cycling gear this spring and summer. And don’t forget fabulous footwear from New Balance and the highest quality athletic apparel from Under Armour.





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