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Tax Day is Over

by Anne Middleton, on April 20th, 2015

Ahhhh, the perennial procrastination that April 15th brings.  We wash the car.  We organize the closet.  We write the 6 month overdue “Thank You” notes and then we finally fulfill our annual mathematical devoir – taxes!

But, the good news is, it’s over.  And, after all the grumbling and lamenting, comes the reward – the refund!  All the computative prowess (and/or creative writing skill) is now paying dividends (don’t forget to claim them next year).  Let’s find places to disburse the loot you labored so diligently to acquire. 

The folks at Boston Proper have some of the most elegant, yet casual, couture available.  Look fabulous all summer long with affordable fashion and free shipping on orders over $100.  From dresses to sweats, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.  And, you only have to declare, “I look amazing!”

Or, perhaps, the arduous and consuming task that is calculating appropriate expenditures, has left you ready for fight.  Nike has shoes for every kind just about any kind of training you want to do.  Whether it’s running outside and up the steps a la “Rocky” or running indoors.  They’ve got the footwear to get you in fighting – or any other shape.

Numerous studies have shown that people respond to stress like taxes in many ways.   Our ancient ancestors exhibited our “fight or flight” reflexes since the dawn of time.  But today it’s expressed a little differently.  “Flight” today can be exhibited in an ironically motionless fashion.  Fleeing from unwanted event can happen just by staying home and curling up with a good tome.  And, no one has more comfortable things in which to curl than UGG.  With its patented fuzzy UggPure lined slippers to its “buttery soft” robes, there’s no more comfortable way to avoid the world than in UGGS. 

“Flight” can also be expressed literally, with a refund-funded jaunt to a fun location.  Taxes will be but a distant memory.  And, even if the peregrination is an abbreviated one, you’ll need an overnight bag.  Converse has an eclectic sample of stylish backpacks, classic duffle bags and commendatory messenger bags to portage all the essentials you’ll need to forget all about deductions, exemptions and penalties.

So fill up your newly organized closet or take that trip you always wanted to.  You have another year before you need to again face that pile of receipts.