Teach Your Kids About The Classics: Games & Movies

Click here to see if these memorable classics touch your heartstrings!

by Anne Middleton, on May 12th, 2016

A classic.  It means something that is recognized and established as timeless. There are classic board games, classic books and classic arcade and computer games that bring us back to fond childhood memories and allow us to revisit the melancholy emotions of growing up. See if these classics touch your heartstrings.

Classic Video Games

Before there were stores like GameStop with products for Nintendo, Wii and Play Stations, there were innocent arcade games that tempted us to spend our dollars.  See if you remember these classic games:

• Pac Man

The most recognized character in video game history is a yellow circle that eats dots for a living. Pac-Man's introduction in 1980 immediately shot it into arcade super stardom and is perhaps the most classic arcade game ever made. As a sequel to this enormous success, Ms. Pac-Man entered the world of classic with four different mazes, bouncing fruit, and an orange ghost named Sue. Both these iconic symbols of the past can be enjoyed by today’s youth in the form of a computer game available at GameStop.

• Donkey Kong

This classic game, Donkey Kong introduced the world to Jumpman, who would later be known as Mario. The specialists at GameStop will tell you this is one of the best games ever made and to this day, one of the most played and talked about by classic arcade fans.

• Space Invaders

In 1978, Space Invaders was the first game to establish the "high score". As Space Invaders celebrates over 35 years since its introduction, gamers can purchase Extreme 2 at GameStop.com and experience a fast, exhilarating and enhanced battle system.

• Tron

Tron was the first video game to be spun off from a movie, but the Tron the video game actually made more money than Tron the movie.

All these classic games and characters are still with us and multiple generations can continue to appreciate their history. Today, they live on our computers, laptops and Smartphones and can be purchased from the ginormous retailer, GameStop.

GameStop is the world's largest video game and entertainment software retailer. Operating more than 6,500 retail stores worldwide, as well as GameStop.com and EBgames.com, you can find a GameStop location right in your neighborhood.

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Classic Books

We use the word “classics” for books to indicate they are enduring and treasured by those who have read and loved them. But in our younger days, many of us rolled our eyes and groaned when we were assigned a “classic book” by our English teachers. 

Our parents and educators who pushed us into our local Barnes & Noble stores to purchase these amazing manuscripts that have stood the test of time were right…reading the classics has countless benefits.  In fact, a 2013 study showed that reading the classics, in contrast with commercial fiction and even non-fiction, leads to better social perception and emotional intelligence.

Those books considered as classic span every major literary genre, from fantasy (Lord of the Rings) to science fiction (Brave New World) to romance (Sense and Sensibility) to period pieces (The Great Gatsby) to monsters (Frankenstein) and even children’s (Charlotte’s Web). So you’re bound to find something appealing in classic books.

Barnes & Noble has them all.  Barnes & Noble stocks over one million titles for immediate delivery, which is said to be more titles than any other online bookseller. With so many choices, it is vital to have a simple method to find precisely the books you are looking for.

The Barnes & Noble search engine enables customers to locate books by title, author or keyword in just a few seconds.  You can even type in the word “classic books” and find exactly the results you need. Barnes & Noble website pages provide descriptions and reviews. Their “See Inside program” gives you a peak at excerpts from an almost endless number of titles.

Classics Are Forever

You’ll never be sorry when you play, read or listen to a classic game, book or music title and revisit those nostalgic memories.  GameStop and Barnes & Noble should be your first choice whether you are searching for classic game to recapture your youth, or purchasing a classic book as a gift for a young member of your family or to re-read yourself.





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