teddy bear day

Teddy Bear Day

by Anne Middleton, on November 10th, 2015

National American Teddy Bear Day is Nov. 14th.  Here are a few fun facts about teddy bears.

1.  The teddy bear is named for Pres. Teddy Roosevelt.

2. In 1909, the first animated teddy bear appeared in the cartoon “Little Johnny and the Teddy Bears."

3. In 1954, Welsh toymaker Wendy Boston made the first machine washable teddy bear.

4. The smallest teddy bear in the world stands a mere 8.5 mm tall.

5. 75,000 teddy bears are left behind in hotels each year.

Cuddling the plush toy is just one way to enjoy a teddy bear.  If your kid is a budding fashionista, take a look at Your Teddy Bear, in the Apple app store.  It may be called a catwalk, but the bear is the star in this app that lets you style your bear with an assortment of millinery, frocks and accessories.  T-Mobile offers 25% off accessories when you shop with our codes. 

It’s important that we read to our kids and snuggling with a teddy bear while reading together is always a treasured childhood reminiscence.  Google Play has a trove of e-books sure to make bedtime a fun learning time too!  “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Say Goodnight” is one of many titles.  For a more adult read, peruse “Teddy Bear Murders”.  High retail markups on Android devices won’t slay you when you shop with our codes, so shop smartphones from Verizon.

You may not be able to cozy up with a tablet, but its versatility, especially when it comes to all things teddy bear will put a smile on your kid’s face.  The teddy bear may be over 100 years old, but it remains the most cherished of childhood toys. Still, tablets can be portals to new ways to enjoy teddies.  Shop with our codes and you can get yourself some mobile toys too.