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Teen Proof The Car

by Anne Middleton, on September 17th, 2015

If you’re having ulcers at the ideation of enrolling your teen in Driver’s Ed, you’re not alone.  Many parents of novitiate drivers do, but keep things in perspective.  The chance of your teen having a fatal crash is only a 1 in 3,745 in any given year. Now, breathe.  Just as you baby-proofed the house when your dearie was born, you can also teen-proof the car.  Here’s how. 

1. Keep Both Hands on the Wheel—13% of all 18-20 year olds admitted to having a collison while driving and wielding a cellphone.  Worse, 48% of adolescents have been a passenger in a vehicle where the driver, teen or adult, texted or called.  Install the Pyle Deluxe Bluetooth Dialing Kit in your car to diminish the temptation.  Advance Auto Parts offers 20% off any order using our codes, so outfit the whole family fleet.  No tarrying!

2. Back Them Up—Sometimes backing in and out is a challenge, even for seasoned drivers.  The Rostra Universal Back Up Camera from Auto Parts Warehouse will help you keep your car’s caboose dent-free, and more importantly your teen shielded.  Use our codes to shield yourself against high retail markups.  You’ll get 5% off you order when you use our codes.

3.   Hope for the Best—Expect the worst.  Let’s face it.  Teens don’t always plan.  When you’re a teen, spontaneity is king.  That little country jaunt in the new Jeep with your friends crammed in like sardines may seem like a good idea…until a torrential downpour and pea sized hail pummel you.  Be sure teens with Jeeps have an Emergency Jeep Soft Top pack from 4 Wheel Drive.  It even comes with two ponchos.  With 5% off you order using our codes, you won’t have to worry too much if Susan hasn’t glanced at the weather report.

4. Stick to the Basics—Make an emergency kit for your teen’s trunk.  Stock it with distilled water, motor oil, tire patch spray and a first aid kit.  You also need to have some sort of lighting so that if your teen does get stuck on the side of the road in the nocturnal hours, they can be easily seen and assisted.  The 2” X6” Emergency light from 4 Wheel Parts will help keep your teen safe after twilight.  They may like horror flicks, but I bet they don’t want to star in their own cabin slasher.  4 Wheel Parts offers 5% off any order, so spend the savings on movie tickets. 

Parents, stop gnawing those cuticles and get proactive about protecting your teen driver.  Your teen needs to get savvy about car care and about life, so it’s a great opportunity to get them to be proactive about their own safety by helping them teen-proof their own cars.  We offer great incentives on all sorts of auto needs, so rev up your creativity and your teen’s too!