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Thank Your Mom with New Balance

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by Abbey O'Bryan, on May 3rd, 2016

I’m not a big fan of the “dummy daddy” advertising campaigns that have been so hot for the last several years. You know the ones. Mom leaves (for like an hour) and returns to what looks like a tornado stricken home, kids hanging from the rafters, baby wearing paper towels for a diaper, and Dad in an apron smiling naively in front of a smoking oven. Don’t get me wrong, that scene would make me giggle, but it’s just so far from the truth for my family and so many others I know, that I just don’t buy it.  Sure, my hubby doesn’t do things the way I would do them, but he does beautifully when I’m away. After all, everyone is unscathed when I return and sometimes sometimes the floor is even mopped. No dummy there. All that being said, he loves a good, specific idea of what to get me for birthdays, Christmas, and especially Mother’s Day because he realizes that although he’s a really great substitute for me, he’s not me and can’t read my mind. So he asks. Which I love.

This year, I’m sending him this link and my sizes. These Ready Set Go complete looks make coordinating your activewear a cinch! Thank you, New Balance, for making it effortless for us to bless the moms in our lives. I’ll be asking for my mom’s sizes and my mother-in-law’s too. And just like that, Mother’s Day is in the bag!  Grab a New Balance coupon from and save up to $45 on these hip and fresh head-to-toe Mother’s Day looks!