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The Old Can Be Just As Good As the New!

by Anne Middleton, on October 27th, 2014

In today’s challenging economic times, it can be daunting to just afford going to the movies with your family, let alone making an enormous purchase of a new car.


Consequently, an increasing number of car owners are deciding to stretch the life of their current mode of transportation.  Drivers are giving deep thought to keeping their old vehicle as an alternative to procuring a new automobile. 


It all makes sense. If you take good care of your motor vehicle and look out for deteriorating parts, your auto will take care of you.


Follow these four shrewd tips for maintaining the health of your horseless carriage and you will prolong the life of your existing means of transportation.

1. Mud Flaps
How do you help keep your car in immaculate condition?  How about starting with a surprising accessory…mud flaps.


Most drivers overlook the extreme benefits of mud flaps. You know, those silly looking rubber things that all the semi-trucks have with the silhouettes of women in provocative poses. 

Well, mud flaps actually have a meaningful purpose in the durability of your sleek ride. Whether you have a car, SUV, truck or van, mud flaps can keep your “land yacht” looking great while keeping it running properly and efficiently. Advance Auto Parts is your go-to source for this protection.  Advance Auto Parts has grown to become the most comprehensive automotive aftermarket parts provider in North America. Their selection of mud flaps alone is over 200!


2. Tires
Tires are critical to your cars’ longevity.  Numerous studies validate that properly inflated tires can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. Listing over 15 brands of these crucial rubber rounds, you will want to make 4 Wheel Parts your number one source for a set of high-performance wheels. 4 Wheel Parts offers the nation’s largest inventory in this essential category.

3. Mirrors
Sometimes, the simplest components of your car are the most annoying to replace.  If you look at your jalopy right now, would you find scratches on your side view mirrors, or perhaps a rear view mirror dangling from a thin wire?


Stop procrastinating and visit Auto Parts Warehouse. You’ve never seen so many options for mirrors!  Get your car back to the luxury it deserves. Auto Parts Warehouse has everything you need to restore your car to its original respectable status.

3. Jeep Lovers

Jeep drivers are in a class by themselves.  These stereotypical outdoorsy types have a lifestyle all their own. 4 Wheel Drive offers top-of-the line quality parts and equipment from the preeminent brands in the off-road industry, tailored precisely for your specific make and model of Jeep. They understand the unique needs of the Jeep enthusiast.

So go ahead and save your greenbacks.  These prestigious companies will keep your cool ride in a pristine state so it will last beyond its years.