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The Ultimate Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Try these perfect summer drink recipes to cool off on hot days.

by Anne Middleton, on July 28th, 2016

What is warm weather without a cool drink in your hand? Summertime is the perfect time for fruit-filled, kid-friendly punches and adult-pleasing cocktails.  Try these perfect summer drink recipes to cool off on hot days.


Make Lemonade
There is nothing better to help cool off your thirst than fresh homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. All it takes is real lemons and a simple recipe. This version requires only water, lemons and sugar. Lemonade is one of the lowest cost and most delicious summertime beverages.  It’s no wonder it has inspired thousands of children to set up their own money-making lemonade stands.


You can turn simple lemonade into a kid-friendly punch. This recipe makes a special treat out of lemonade mix by mixing it with the tropical flavor of pineapple juice and the fun, fizzy carbonation in ginger ale.


A crowd pleasing way for both kids and grown-ups to quench their thirst is with chilled effervescent lemonade. Made with club soda, this lighter version of the tart drink is slightly bubbly and bursting with citrus flavor.

Iced Tea
Today, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and can be found in almost 80% of all U.S. households. And no summertime party is complete without a tall pitcher of good old fashioned iced tea. Try these cooling recipes:

• Basic Iced Tea Recipe
No matter where you are or what you’re eating, a refreshing pitcher of iced tea is always welcome.  Making iced tea is insanely easy. You can customize this warm weather drink exactly to your preferences; you can brew it light or strong, drink it unsweetened or sweetened. 


The most respected tea experts are found at Lipton. This company was founded in 1880, so they are viewed as the supreme authority. They suggest this following 5 step process:

1. Pour four cups of boiling water over two teabags into a heat-proof pitcher
2. Leave for three to five minutes
3. Remove the teabags, and sweeten to taste by adding a little sugar or sugar substitute
4. Stir in six cups of ice cubes until melted, or use four cups of cold water
5. Add in freshly cut lemon slices for some citrus zing keep refrigerated. Enjoy!


Peach Iced Tea
Jazzing up your iced tea brew with fresh flavors is always a hit. You can’t go wrong with the simple combination of two summertime favorites, sweet tea and peaches. This fresh, fuzzy fruit has numerous health benefits and is a delicious addition for sipping a glass in the backyard or on the porch in the blistering sun.

A Refreshing Marriage
Why not combine the idea of lemonade and iced tea? Arnold Palmer did.  And it is simple to make this satisfying classic summer drink at home with this recipe. It includes fresh mint leaves to provide a flavorful fruit twist.


A Smoothie Summer
Smoothies celebrate summer. They simultaneously satisfy your hunger and thirst, take only minutes to make and can be put together in one simple appliance….your blender! Just add the components, throw in some ice, push the button to puree and you’re good to go.


The truth is that you don’t really need to follow an exact recipe…just using the fresh greens and fruits in your refrigerator will work.  But if you need a jumpstart, try these three different, yet awesome and extremely simple recipes.

Cocoa Espresso Trainwreck Smoothie
If you require a little kick to get started in the morning, this espresso smoothie will deliver exactly what you need. It contains cocoa, low fat frozen yogurt and pecans. Delicious and quick, you’ll jump out of bed knowing that this smoothie is waiting for you.


• Green Smoothies
The freshest, fastest way to get your veggies is in a smoothie, although it may be an acquired taste that takes some people a bit of time to get used to. If you’re new to green shakes, this Kale-Apple Smoothie is a perfect place to start.  The apple juice and bananas mask the vegetable flavors so you’ll barely taste the kale. Or try a Spinach Smoothie with Avocado and Apple.  It includes nutritious ingredients we are familiar with, which makes it an easy recipe to shop for and blend up during the sweltering summer.


Tropical Fruit Smoothie
If a fruit based recipe is more your style, this seasonally inspired smoothie will become your favorite.  It includes exotic mango and papaya for a supremely satisfying cool treat around the pool, after a workout or just for an afternoon summer snack.


Alcohol Added
When festivities center around the adults, enjoy the season with these essential and super simple cocktails…while always drinking responsibly.

• Sangria.
Sangria means summer.  And as we mentioned, iced tea is an awesome hot weather drink. Add it to Sangria and you’ll multiply the happiness. Sweet Tea Sangria is one of the easiest recipes, perfect for barbeques, girls’ night in and dinner parties.


Connoisseurs of sangria say that with many recipes, the longer your batch of sangria sits, the better the flavor will be. That’s exactly what should be done with this recipe that contains sparkling wine.  Because the bubbles are crisp and refreshing, sparkling wine is delicious with rich foods and anything fried…including your picnic’s fried chicken. By preparing it in advance, you won’t be busy bartending during your gathering, allowing you time to enjoy the party.


Mojito Slushie
Mojitos are not only a wildly favorite cocktail, they are also simple to mix.  It only takes five ingredients:  white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and sparkling water or club soda. This summer upgrade of the standard Cuban cocktail to a slushie with a recipe that is sure to impress while offering adult refreshment during the muggy months of the season.


• Tequila Thirst Quenchers
Tequila is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the United States. Nationwide retail sales alone of tequila exceeded 7 billion U.S. dollars. Offer your guests something different than just a margarita to quench their thirst in the scorching sun. A Tequila Sunrise can easily be made in a pitcher and served throughout the night. Or put in a little more effort into your tequila concoction and offer a Pineapple-Tequila Cooler to celebrate a favorite fruit of the season.


This summer, regardless how high the temperature becomes or how much sweat there is on your brow, there is no need to endure the heat with a dry mouth. The feeling of having a cold drink on a hot day is unbeatable.  A traditional favorite of sipping lemonade or a cold glass of sweet tea is a perfect choice, but consider an adult cocktail for an evening treat.