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These Ain’t Your Grandma’s Storage Containers

by Anne Middleton, on December 1st, 2014

It goes without saying that you can never have enough storage. Whether you live in an itty bitty New York apartment or call home a sprawling farm, there is never enough space for the hoard of knick-knacks collected over the years.

The days of stowing your trinkets in an old wood hutch are over. Instead, contemplate auto accessories to solve your space dilemma. Stay tidy with these tips:

1. Can It!
Virgin (a.k.a. unused) gas cans convert into excellent receptacles to store loose change or precious jewelry.  These petroleum vessels are produced from heavy gauge steel and often have a security device for added safekeeping. Water cans are also a sensible option since they include a lock pin and are feather light. Shop an assortment of possibilities at 4 Wheel Parts.

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2. Write it Down
Straight air intake tubes are not just for automobiles anymore. These chrome-plated vehicle accessories are the ultimate size and shape to hold pens, pencils and highlighters.  A real conversation starter, Advanced Auto Parts adds flashy décor to your home or office with a variety of tube selections appealing enough to hold your $500,000 Mont Blanc writing implement. (Yes, these really do exist).

3. Oil Pan
Arriving home late at night, you empty your pockets of your cell phone, car keys and a bunch of random papers.  The whole lot gets strewn throughout the house in an extensive mess.
Instead of dumping these vital items on your countertop or dresser, use an oil pan from 4 Wheel Drive as a catch all. These metal containers are the consummate storage receptacle to hold in one central location the daily items you can’t bear to forget when leave for work. Keep it by your front door and you will always be prepared to dash away.

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4. Keep It Cool
If a soiree is on your calendar and you propose to serve liquid refreshments, then consider a tool box as your ideal cooler. Constructed of heavy-duty gauge steel, this apparatus can sustain any libation at a cold temperature without having to run to the refrigerator.  Affordable options are quickly available at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Storage need not be boring or traditional.  Have fun using (and giving) auto accessories and keep your home in ship-shape.