Think Outside the (Holiday) Box

by Anne Middleton, on November 25th, 2015

The bells have started jingling for the “season of giving.”  And if you are a bit strapped for cash, but have a harried and hectic lifestyle, why not ruminate on the concept of part-time work?

There is much to be applauded for seasonal employment opportunities.  You need not be a Santa with sticky kids scrambling onto your lap.  The opportunities are boundless for a temporary occupation and most do not include a white beard or pointed green shoes.

Forget the standard dreary “big box” store job involving the herding of customers who become fierce in their efforts to possess the latest gadgets.  Instead, why not reflect on these diverse and unique positions to generate extra dough and avoid any boredom:

1. Marketing Research
A seasonal marketing research surveyor is a unique position that evaluates consumer demographics and data. The boost in bargain-hunting shoppers during these blustery months leads to increased buyers of all ages willing to part ways with their income on frivolous and sometimes unwanted gifts. Corporations are desperate to analyze purchasing trends in an attempt to capture even more revenue. 

2. Window Decorator
The stores on Fifth Avenue in the “city that never sleeps” are extraordinary, high budget creations that undergo extreme planning for several months.  However, many smaller businesses with miniscule budgets compared to these New York landmarks want to embrace the season in their own storefronts.  If you have the panache for décor, this opportunity will allow you to expose your artistic skills.

3. Fitness Trainer
Pretty much everyone who concocts a New Year’s Resolution includes the familiar desire to better their physique and/or lose the extra bulge.  If you have a passion for sweat and the voice of a drill sergeant, all you need to do is receive your fitness training certification through inexpensive online programs. You can either offer your services personally on your own timetable, or if you are a college co-ed, you can simply apply to work for your school's fitness center.

4. Limo Driver
The holidays are chocked full of special events and the demand for high-class transportation multiplies during these bedazzling winter months. If you dominate with impressive customer service skills and don’t mind opening up car doors and umbrellas, loading luggage and parcels, then this on-demand position is right up your alley.  And upscale clients are frequently generous with amazing tips.

5. Ski Instructors
Every season, a massive number of temporary workers are required for a variety of ski jobs from Colorado to the Alps, to New Zealand and resorts worldwide. Most even include free accommodations, food and lift tickets while taking in the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains. If you relish the thought of ice on your eyelashes, this temporary position is flawless.

According to, 20% of working Americans have a part-time job where they work less than 35 hours a week.  And many of these reduced-hour employees found their fulfilling positions amongst the over 1000 part-time professions posted on  Regardless of your skill set, demanding schedule or location, can help you find the best fit for acquiring income.