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Tired of Chain Store Furniture?

by Anne Middleton, on December 18th, 2014

Tired of chain store furniture?  Cork board got you down?  Your answers is…tires!  With a little finesse and DIY moxie you can toss out the square hunks of junk in your house for a more rounded, more mundane design.

Tires are versatile.  They can fit in almost every room in the house and outside too.  Ditch those breakable, expensive ceramic planters.  Slap some colorful paint on some tires, stack them, add potting soil and your green thumb…and…voila!  Your garden just went from banal to chic, all by repurposing tires.  Too engrossed in strategizing your garden’s transformation to go out and buy those tires?  Go to 

Loathe your neighbors fading plastic jungle gym that looks like it should be relegated to a sad fast food play area?  Your kids will love a jungle gym that utilizes tires.  With a little inspired landscape design, utilizing tires in multiple sizes, you can build a tire pyramid that will be the chitchat of play group.  4 Wheel Drive has a stupendous selection of tires in myriad sizes. Remember, tires come in multiple sizes, not just what fits your minivan.  Take the long view—get a monster truck-sized tire and use it as a sandbox.  When the kids grow out of it, replace the sand with potting soil and you have a magnificent planter.

Get a steampunk vibe going in your drab living room.  Rustle up a can of gold spray paint.  Give it a nice coat.  If you need height for your coffee table and are a handy sort of person (or adventurous), add some legs to it.  A round table top suits it nicely.   Craft an astonishing ambiance with the wheel base. Auto Parts Warehouse is your go-to purveyor of wheel bases for vehicles both domestic and foreign.  Mount them on the wall to fashion a geometric gem of a conversation piece.

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Remember that tire swing you used to love?  Who says that’s only for childhood and the outside of the house?  Your den will be the spot to fraternize.  For the super-skilled, check out DIY sites on how-tos to make chairs, couches and shelving to complete the look.  Keep those tires gleaming with tire cleaner from Advance Auto Parts.

Keep your creative wheels turning!  Tires are adaptable and with your genius they can be fabulous.  Plus, you’ll always have a spare if you need one.