mcaffee graduation

'Tis the Season to Graduate

by Abbey O'Bryan, on May 7th, 2015

'Tis the graduate. With so many hats and gowns swaying their way to the stage to that old familiar tune, Pomp & Circumstance, you may find yourself in a gift pinch. This year alone, I have 3 graduates to buy for: two high school grads (one super nerd and one...shall we say...super popular with everyone but their teachers) and one Ph.D. recipient. Obviously in this situation, a one-size-fits-all gift is out of the question. So what to buy?

Having graduated high school myself a few short (wink wink) years ago, I remember how great it was to have all that cash thrown at you. I'M RICH!, I thought, as I counted to $1100 once my graduation cards had all been opened. Now, of course, I clearly see the folly in that thought.  I'd still be several hundred short for one month's rent with that amount today. Okay. So no cash for the high schoolers. Must come up with something smart.  And the Ph.D.? The doctor! I mean this woman has made it, right? That's the pinnacle. She's been smart for YEARS. I think it's only practical to get her a gift that's anything but smart. Something completely superfluous to reward her diligence over the last decade. I'm thinking tropical spa retreat with bottomless mimosas and me by her side (you know, so she doesn't get lonely). Yeah, that'll do!

Now back to the two budding adults...a smart gift...something other than cash. Something they most likely wouldn't buy for themselves but which will protect them, at least a little, from the great big scary world. Ah ha! McAfee Internet Security. Their entire lives are virtual nowadays. If they're anything like I was at their age, paying to protect against something that "might" happen seemed the ultimate waste of what little money I had. Car insurance? Why? I'll be super careful and save the hundred bucks a month for more important things, like making sure my wardrobe is on trend. Ahh the invincible ego of the high school graduate. I remember it well. And for that reason, I'll gladly take the "lame aunt" award and gift them both with McAfee Internet Security to save them the baffling headache of dealing with viruses, spyware and malware. Years from now they may thank me, but even if they don't I'll know I helped these fledgling adults springboard into life in a smarter way. Right now, you can get McAfee Internet Security 2015 for 50% off with a promo code from So do the smart thing - knock out your graduation shopping today and save a bundle while you're at it!