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Tolerating Traffic

by Anne Middleton, on November 5th, 2014

It doesn’t matter where you live, where you work or where you play.  At some point in your adult life you will be tightly wedged in traffic either on a daily commute or on a slow moving freeway in nasty weather or trying to drive through an unfortunate accident.


Traffic is a necessary evil in all of our lives whether you live in Seattle or New York City.


The trick is to make your ride on wheels as relaxing as possible while you travel at a five mile crawl.


If your car is an unpleasant mess of dirt and grime and the flooring under your gas pedal is gnarly, you probably dread entering your automobile. It is time to purchase interior vehicle mats from 4 Wheel Parts. You are actually a little late in making this acquisition, but “better late than never.”


These fundamental protective products guard your gas guzzling investment from normal wear and tear. This innovative item performs as a coaster under your feet to shield your car’s internal flooring.  There are countless choices of floor mats sold at 4 Wheel Parts.  The soft flexible compound won't curl, crack or harden even in sub-zero temperatures.  These interior vehicle mats keep the filth out and make your vehicle an environment of cleanliness to calm your nerves in any transportation nightmare.


It is bound to happen. In slow traffic, people’s minds drift, they lose focus and…boom! Someone slams on their brakes, but cannot stop completely.  They simply have not maintained the health of their stopping mechanisms. Don’t let this happen to you.  Assure you have the quality brakes you require to drive in any situation. Maintaining your own truck or car brakes is an optimal way to ensure they're always in top shape. From brake pads and shoes, to brake hardware, Advance Auto Parts has the parts for most every job.


With the time change in most states, many car owners are now driving directly into the glare and reflection of the sun, making it strenuous to view the road. It is even worse in when you are driving in traffic, surrounded by impatient drivers. (Do they really believe honking their horn will create cars to travel faster?).


Traditionally, automobiles have two sun visors, one for the driver's side and a second for the passenger's side. But what if you could have additional sun visors on the sides of your window and not keep turning your front visor from front to side? 4 Wheel Drive has the precise supplemental part required to shield you from all angles of the blinding sun.


Side sun visors provide dual coverage and allow you to stop moving your existing front visor as you crawl towards your destination with thousands of other land yachts. These helpful side visors from 4 Wheel Drive are simple to install and even flip up and down as needed to block glare and damaging UV rays. Amazing!


If you are spending an excessive amount of time in your car, then it is time to transform your vehicle into a location that is as comfortable as your living room.  Add a little luxury in your life and indulge yourself with restful seat covers. Whether comfy velour or premium leather, Auto Parts Warehouse has the ultimate seat covers to match your every wish. Available in a variety of colors, the majority of these seat covers are resistant to sun and water damage, mildew and stains.  So if you spill your coffee while struggling to stay awake in your motor carriage, clean-up is easy.


No one enjoys creeping along our highways and avoiding eye contact with the individual in the same car that has been traveling next to you for 15 miles.  But with a little gumption, these well-regarded automobile business suppliers can enhance your experience and even make your drive gratifying.