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Tomboy Tools Day

by Anne Middleton, on August 11th, 2015

August 7th was National Tomboy Tools Day, a day dedicated to getting ladies to become mechanic mavens.  Ladies, learn how to fix a car and teach your daughters.  We’ve curated a variety of pink vehicle accoutrements to celebrate getting the dames under the hood.  Plus, we’ve got great savings too, using our codes. 

You may be ready to get your hands dirty, but you don’t want callouses and scratches on your immaculate hands.  The Mechanix Wear Women's Original Glove in Pink Camo will safeguard your digits as you change the oil and replace the filters.  Advance Auto Parts offers 20% off your order, so outfit all your mademoiselle mechanics. 

Ladies, trail blaze in the Poison Spyder Heart Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt in Pink from 4 Wheel Drive.   Don pink for the ladies, or for the guys to show their support for breast cancer research and awareness!  You’ll feel like a race car driving team outfitted in these hoodies.  More importantly, you’ll be bestowing much needed funds to breast cancer research via your purchase.  You can still save too, using our codes, because you’ll get 5% off your order from 4 Wheel Drive using our codes.

If your vehicles gauges are less than fashion-forward, then consider installing a pop of color.  The Daytona Edition Color Replacement Gauge Face comes in a cheerful pink to spruce up your lady chariot.  4 Wheel Parts offers 5% your order when you spend using our codes.  Car maintenance may be perceived a more virile occupation, but your car can still be girlish when you save using our codes.

Replace that worn out, eye sore seat with a bubble-gum hued one!  Dash Designs NeoSupreme Seat Cover comes with black sides and a pink insert. A nod to vintage cars, you’ll love the 50s aesthetic of these seat covers and your derriere will love the comfort.  Auto Parts Warehouse offers 5% off you order using our codes, so meliorate those dilapidated seats. 

Celebrate Tomboy Tools day and introduce yourself or another lady you love to increased independence through car maintenance.  Just because you’re getting under the hood, doesn’t mean that you need to mangle your manicure and don frumpish clothes.  Revamp your gauges in petal pink too!  Tomboy or not, car care is a lady’s prerogative.  So exercise your prerogative ladies, and get under that hood and save using our codes!