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Top 5 Essential Travel Accessories for the Holidays

by Anne Middleton, on December 19th, 2018

Last year, a record 107.3 million people traveled to annual holiday festivities, making it the ninth consecutive year of rising year-end vacation travel.


That suggests that you’ll have a lot of company in the air and on the road for holiday traveling.  To minimize any stress, inconveniences, and aggravation, do a little advance preparation and assure you take along the most essential travel accessories this year.


Quite simply, it’s never too early to start planning!


Make It Easy


There are a few strategic items that will solve most travel issues with a minimal investment. You can be organized, comfortable, and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination with these five essential travel accessories:


1. Space Saving Bags


The winter holidays always seem to include loads of travel to special events, countless family gatherings, and fun-filled parties.  Naturally, you are going to require a multitude of outfits for these celebrations.


But with high baggage costs for airlines, the limited room on buses and trains, and the cramped quarters in vehicles for road trips, you will most certainly need a clever way to pack all your necessities.


Since there never seems to be enough room in luggage, space saving bags are an essential item for even the most seasoned traveler.


• They allow for increased space inside any size suitcase


• Most bags are reusable, plus they are durable


• The newest versions use roll-up compression technology for added convenience (no pump or vacuum necessary)


These features mean you can use them on your way to your destination as well as to pack up on the way home, all the while saving precious space.


Space bags are awesome for staying organized so you can pack by outfit, by activity, or by family member, giving even the youngest traveler their own space bag. As an added bonus this nifty product will isolate dirty clothes and the bad smells they bring.


2. Travel Wallet


But there is one fundamental product that you need before you pack, namely the travel wallet. At the airport, train station, or bus depot, a travel wallet will allow you to relax. This handy travel accessory delivers peace of mind knowing your boarding pass and travel documents are all in one convenient location.


3. Jewelry Roll


One of the most essential travel accessories for women is the ever important jewelry storage roll. Regardless OF the mode of transportation, the straps and pockets in this indispensable item creates unlimited ways of storing jewelry. A jewelry roll is perfect for traveling and for keeping treasures organized and safe.


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4. Electronic Cable Organizer


Our ever-expanding world of technology requires that we now travel with Smartphones, iPads, e-readers, laptops, MacBooks, and so much more.  And likely, each one of these requires its own charging cable and computer attachments. That’s what makes an electronics accessories organizer a necessity.


Choose this innovative organizer wisely to assure it fits your changing needs.


• It should have the ability to expand as your gadgets increase


• You will want it to offer storage flexibility with strong elastic loops for headphones, USB drives, and cables


• Having secure pockets for SD cards is vital


When you efficiently pack up your accessories in one of these snazzy organizers that have a place for everything, you can be sure you’ll never leave anything behind. And no one wants to be on the road and pay the high price of a cable that was left behind.


5. Luggage Locks


The evening news is filled with stories of luggage being opened by unauthorized personnel. That is precisely why a TSA approved travel lock is an essential travel item. Most locks allow you to set your own combination for use on your suitcase, backpack, briefcase, or computer case. For extra protection, look for locks that have an “open alert” indicator that instantly notifies you if an authorized agent unlocks your bag.


Getting to Your Location


Travel accessories are a central component to anxiety-free holiday travel, but it is often the details of reaching the actual destination that can cause tension. 


For the most part, airlines and hotels have all the control during the holidays since they realize most people need to fly home to see family and that travelers are willing to pay a premium to do just that, especially on the peak travel days. Saving during the high season is difficult for anyone.


However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you still get a good deal.


• Be Flexible. Be willing to travel on non-peak dates, fly very early or late in the day, or on indirect flights. Be able to fly into a less popular airport near your destination to get discounts.


• Bundle. You can often save big on your trip when you purchase a bundled package (flight, hotel, car, things to do, and more).


• Follow and Save. You’ll be surprised how many deals you can find just by following the airlines and hotels on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Companies often offer flash sales and promotions on social media, even during the holidays.


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A Final Word


Whether you’ll be traveling domestically, overseas, or just over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, travel accessories play an important role in making trips pleasant and smooth.


It’s simply amazing how even the smallest travel accessories and flight plans made in advance can help make a trip more enjoyable. Take time to prepare you and your family for your destination to make the holidays a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.