Touring Fiji

by Anne Middleton, on December 9th, 2015

Fiji’s prime export may be its pristine drinking water, but there’s more about Fiji to love.   Fiji is actually not a single island, but an archipelago of 333 island paradises, so you’ll need great shoes to get around all of Fiji.   Best of all, you can get a direct flight to Fiji from Los Angeles or Honolulu.  Let’s tour Fiji in some great shoes.

Scuba and coral reef enthusiasts are sure to love an excursion to Fiji, famed for its coastlines and beaches.  In fact, Fiji’s coral reef systems cover over 1.3 million square kilometers.  You’re sure to spend some time on the beach in Fiji, so pack a pair of Navie Sandals by UGG for your trip. 

Would-be botanists will enjoy The Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a marvel of floriculture.  The garden boasts, “2000 varieties of magnificent Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids” and was once the private collection of the late American actor Raymond Burr.  You’ll want comfortable, yet athletic shoes for this excursion, so ladies, pack the Chuck Taylor All Star II by Converse in your luggage and head to Fiji. 

Fiji is not just all about getting back to nature either.  You can do some serious retail therapy on this island paradise too.  Fiji boasts vibrant handicraft markets and their specialty is tapa cloths and woven goods.  Stroll about the markets in Boston Proper’s Fashion Wedge Sneaker and discover some great finds.

Paradise is just hours away if you’re heading to Fiji.  Be sure to pack some paradise for your feet too.  Bad shoes can be a bummer, so stock up and save and comfortable footwear when you shop with our codes.  We promise shopping for shoes and saving can be its own kind of paradise too, so use our codes to save!