Travel Glamorously

by Anne Middleton, on November 30th, 2015

Ladies, ever been in a strange locale and in need of a blow out?  I found myself in this quandary last week and thankfully, I came out of it gussied up beyond my wildest expectations.  However, not all of us are so lucky when traveling, so here’s a few tips for tracking down your cosmetology needs when sojourning near and far. 

The Usual Suspects
Wherever there’s an Ulta, there’s probably an adept stylist nearby.  The same goes for any chain beauty stores you prefer.  Check the reviews on Yelp to see if there’s a standout stylist. Have Yelp on tap on your LG V10 from T-Mobile.   

Budget Friendly Choices
Beauty schools often have their senior students do blow outs and other services, supervised by an instructor, at cut-rate prices. Choose a beauty school with a world-class reputation, like Aveda or Paul Mitchell.  One caveat, though, you are putting yourself in the hands of a highly trained student, not a master stylist, so be sure to budget time if you choose to be a guinea pig at a beauty school. 

Direct to You
Mobile devices have enabled stylists to come to your hotel room, home or office at your behest.  All you need is an iPhone to go from drab to glam.  Peruse the apps in the Apple app store, such as beGlammed, GLAMdujour and others.  Whether it’s a last minute up-do needed or an expeditious eye brow wax, you can have it all done professionally in an environment you’re comfortable in.  Verizon has great incentives to help you get that iPhone you’ve been lusting after. 

Ladies, never be stranded in a faraway place without a glamor team.  It’s easier than ever to find qualified professionals to help you most alluring, unless you’re in Antarctica.  Perhaps then the penguins can help.  As long as you can shop online, you can use our codes to save too.