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The Trick To Be Like St. Nick

by Anne Middleton, on December 29th, 2015

Men over 50 who have a beard and a little extra weight might have a potential job opportunity:  Santa.  However, as lucrative as being a Santa Claus can be, you do have to invest time, emotion and money if you want to make the bucks during the holidays. 

Here’s how a few things to consider:

1.  Demand for Santa fluxes with the economy.  In a good economy, demand for Kris Kringle to make appearances increases.  In more lean times, there’s less work. 

2. It is a trained position.  You can’t just put on a costume, say “Ho-ho-ho,” and get a paycheck.  Many positions available require you go through “Santa School”. 

3. You need a clean record. Good Old St. Nick comes in close contact with children.  As part of your Santa school application, you will have to pass the background check.

4. You may need an agent.  There are specialty agencies, like, an agency that’re represents upwards of 3,200 clients, including Mrs. Claus-es and Elves.  Especially if you are looking to work on TV and film or want to take on more elite events, you may need an agent for entre to these opportunities.

5. You will need your own costumes, supplies and insurance.  If you haven’t got your own natural beard, you may need an expensive one made of yak hair.  Wanting to be the next Macy’s Christmas Parade Santa?  You’ll probably need a demo reel and headshot. 

If you’re still interested in spreading Christmas cheer after all these consideration, get yourself an iPad from T-Mobile and start record your best “Ho-ho-ho…Merry Christmas” videos and find a Santa school near you.  Santa may write his naughty and nice list on parchment, but you may want a stylus from Verizon for your Santa classwork.  So, saddle up your eight tiny reindeer and get yourself to Santa school and use our codes to save on all your mobile needs.





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