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Turn To The Professionals

by Anne Middleton, on October 28th, 2015

Twenty years ago, before inserting the “for sale” sign on the lawn, not a soul worried about "staging" their home in an attempt to present a more attractive dwelling with the intent to increase the sales price.  No one imagined the interior appearance of the home was of any consequence.

And ten years ago nobody envisioned angst regarding their data being hacked and abused by malicious individuals with evil on their mind.

But there are some parallels between ethical real estate decorators and horrible, immoral data crooks:

• Home stager are cognizant that the allure of on-line photos of a home can motivate potential buyers to “look inside” and consider the residence for purchase
• The despicable originators of infected emails recognize that their success of having an unknowing consumer open their communication is to appeal to the consumer with a cleaver title or offer

Both parties want you to “open the door” to view their communique, but the unscrupulous on-line individuals study and develop new methods to rope innocent folks into cracking open the door of illegitimate viruses.

In the past, perhaps you decided you were brilliant enough not to require anti-virus software and were under the totally incorrect opinion that you had the skills to defend your documents all by yourself.

Big mistake!

Just as an honest, professional decorator will advise you that hanging those paisley, floral curtains in the bedroom are a poor choice and better left in the closet than on the window, a premiere antivirus software program can provide the expertise to avoid the shenanigans of web-based scoundrels and shield your technological devices from being infiltrated.

In our world of expanding dependence on technology, hackers possess an ever expanding range of techniques to penetrate and access an innocent user’s computer.

Mercifully, there are guardian angels in the form of antivirus organizations to safeguard all your electronic stuff.

McAfee continually and consistently produces leading software to fortify your devices from viruses, hackers and even spyware. McAfee purchasers can breathe easy knowing that they possess state-of-the-art protection updates and enhancements delivered automatically. With McAfee you constantly possess advanced data security.

Norton Antivirus is able to protect electronic gadgets from the tools hackers use to subvert data, files and platforms. Successfully preventing and removing malicious programs from PCs with Norton’s antivirus program provides a shield from many of the devious methods hackers use to break in to systems and files.

A consistent player in the technology protection field is Bitdefender. Award winning Bitdefender Antivirus is engineered to enable businesses and consumers to utilize their computers without apprehension of viruses and other e-threats. Bitdefender identifies the most effective process for your system to stay clear of dangers without requiring special configuring.

Rely on the experts to stage your house and protect your technology gadgets. It takes a village…