Ugly Sweaters And Shoes

by Anne Middleton, on December 17th, 2015

Once reviled, ugly Christmas sweaters are now haute.  In fact, some are nixing their more traditional holiday party themes and having ugly sweater parties.  There are even companies are rolling out ugly sweaters for the holidays, though I much prefer the old-school, cringe-worthy vintage holiday sweaters.  Just because you are wearing an ugly sweater doesn’t mean that you have to wear atrocious shoes.  Here’s a few favorite pairs to offset those ugli-licious sweaters you may wear.

Let it Snow!

Snowfall varies state to state, with New York state topping the list in average annual snowfall, at 123.8 in. It’s no wonder we love Frosty the Snow Man, Frozen and snowflakes.  If you’re out in the snow wearing one of those frightful sweaters in the frightful weather, be sure you’ve got a shoe that can withstand frosty temperatures.  We suggest the women’s Katia boot by UGG and can withstand plummeting temps of as low as -20C. 

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Gaudy Christmas trees are another favorite motif of these sweaters.  Green shoes will look great with these sweaters.  There are approximately 25-30 million Real Christmas Trees sold in the U.S. every year.  It makes sense, with our love of the Christmas trees, to adorn a sweater with Christmas trees.  Use our codes for that special pair of green shoes for you holiday merry-making. 

Reindeer Games

Rudolph and his horned pals are another favorite theme of sweaters.  Accent Rudolph’s red nose with some fabulous red shoes.  Boston Proper has a perfect pair for the ladies, the Flashy Fringe High Boot in a deep holiday red. 

Oy, Vey!

The holidays are about coming together, so even if you’re not dreaming of sugar plums, you can still get a Hanukkah-themed ugly sweater.  For our Maccabees who want to embrace ugly sweaters, look to Converse Chuck Taylor Classic Colors Slip in blue.  You may wince as you put that sweater on for the party, but your shoes will look ultra-cool. 


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Ugly sweaters are a thing, but ugly shoes are not.  Be sure to order your shoes now for all your holiday events.  We’ve got great savings on all kinds of shoes, weather you’re frolicking in a winter wonderland or staying cozy by the fire, so save today!






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