Ultimate Fortresses

by Anne Middleton, on May 29th, 2015

The environment we operate in today is within a world where security is a major concern. We are surrounded by invisible thieves willing to try just about anything to find a weakness in our electronic security.

Whether you are 6 months or 106 years old, your identity is at risk.  Even if you’re dead, your personal information can still be stolen.

So it got is to thinking about security in our country today.  Ever wonder what locations are considered to be the utmost protected safe havens?

Chances are you are cognizant of Fort Knox, perceived to be the premiere site for ultimate safe-keeping. 

Fort Knox has four surrounding fences and two of them are electric. A plethora of armed sentinels and video cameras line the perimeter of this fortress.  Then there is the four foot thick granite walls held together by 750 tons of reinforcing steel followed by a maze of locked doors. All this plus a 22-ton vault door.

But what about other places renowned for their shields and protective defenses?

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a military installation and nuclear bunker located in Colorado Springs. If you are employed at this extreme facility positioned 2000 feet under the mountain’s solid granite, you are guarded by two 25-ton doors, which can withstand a 30-megaton blast.

Speaking of mountains…

Iron Mountain provides the absolute highest level for supreme storage safety, and we don’t mean your local storage locker facility.  Iron Mountain guards the valuable assets of 156,000 organizations in 36 countries, 200 feet below ground with armed guards who shoot first and ask questions later. Thousands of historic recordings, priceless documents and original film reels reside in this unprecedented stronghold, including Edison’s patent for the light bulb.

The eerie dessert location of Area 51 in the remote deserts of Las Vegas is more than just strange, it continues to be one of the most allusive locations on the planet.

This United States military base has lead generations of Americans to speculate as to what activities take place in this mysterious zone. Its secretive nature and undoubted connection to classified aircraft research, together with reports of unusual phenomena, have led Area 51 to become a focus of modern UFO theories. Several folks believe that a crashed alien spacecraft is housed at this impenetrable spot.

The point is you can never be too careful with possessions and information that is irreplaceable.  Therefore, let these vaults be an example to you that it is vital to shield your computer, tablet, smartphone and all technology gadgets from evil doers. 

Hackers strike without warning.  Firewalls, antivirus software and automatic updates to protect against malware are essential.  Some of the best options can be found at McAfee, Norton and Bitdefender.

And do not fall under the illusion that you are not vulnerable just because your electronic devices already include some standard protection programs.  Oh no, my friend, you need extra protection in this dark age of stolen identity. 

So stop reading this and immediately log onto the websites of these impressive defenders of wickedness and let Norton, Bitdefender and McAfee ease your mind and shield you from malicious cyber criminals.


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