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Is The Ultimate Smartphone Case Really Smart?

by Anne Middleton, on October 12th, 2015

With a 5.5” display area, technology nerds worldwide are exhilarated with the introduction of the new iPhone model 6S.  The latest colors appear to mimic the nomenclature of paint hues including Space Gray and Rose Gold.  For Apple aficionados their joy is unbounded with the announcement of the latest upgrades.

Housing the new precious Smartphone model does not end with the purchase of the device.  Oh no…in today’s world of being better than your fellow geeks, the focus has converted to the prestige of the iPhone case.

For $10,000, your phone can be covered in solid 14-carat gold. There really is no practical purpose to this cover. In fact, you should be substantially more concerned about this case becoming damaged than your actual iPhone.

If your desire is to standout and be envied, and spending a small fortune is of little concern, then look to Louis Vuitton.  Founded in 1954, Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognized names in luxury products. And now the well-to-do crowd can take advantage of LV’s expanded accessory items that includes phone cases.  Their classic design is sold for a mere $330. Perhaps you can justify the price since the inside is lined with microfiber to protect the iPhone from scratches.

Searching for a renowned brand name to tote your cell phone from your home base to the outside world? Then consider the Gucci label. Gucci retails a $495 phone case with a slip-in, slip-out style. We see this as an inconvenience while the affluent population views it as a benefit.  Requiring extra minutes to remove the phone from its housing provides prolonged time for others to become jealous of their wealth. This lavish Gucci accessory is made from alligator skin, so beware of PETA activists as you stroll down the boulevard.

Naturally, the male gender could not be left out of this style trend.  Actually, it appears men have a strong desire to flash their affluence as much as the opposite sex.

In response to this demand, the exclusive Gresso trademark delivers a line of classy, masculine cases costing up to $10,000. They are masterfully handcrafted from solid titanium. The back of the case is covered in Italian leather or alligator hide, and then completed with a solid gold logo. Gresso says the titanium parts of each case are hand polished for four hours before they’re ready to be sold to consumers.

If you are actually willing to spend a king’s ransom on your iPhone case, you might as well save on the purchase of the actual gadget.  Verizon is eager to relieve some of the angst of procuring a new mobile device. They now offer $50 off select smartphones.

And if you are losing sleep believing that another upgrade from Apple is coming sooner than you imagined, T-Mobile offers the perfect solution. T-Mobile permits you to upgrade your phone three times per year with no waiting period or upgrade fees. Zero upfront. Zero waiting. It's the perfect way to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone.

If your strategy is to splurge on your iPhone case, then be wise and acquire the actual iPhone with a budget in mind.