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Unicorn Fix

by Anne Middleton, on May 6th, 2015

Is your daughter unicorn crazy?  Or, secretly are you?  If you and yours love the mythical equine, then the Internet is a virtual pasture of unicorns for you to frolic with.  We have great deals on devices from Verizon and T-Mobile so that you can get your unicorn fix.

We love the unicorn because for a mystical animal, it’s plausible.  Unlike a pegasus, a horse with a horn makes sense sort of.  If you’ve ever wanted the fantasy of seeing yourself or a valued friend or relative or pet as a unicorn, then you should check out the I’ma Unicorn app available in the Apple Store.  One of the most highly rated unicorn-loving apps on the virtual market, you can even turn your pet pug into a delightful unicorn ensconced with rainbows, glitter and clouds.  Now, if you want a real fantasy come true, check out our codes for T-Mobile. T-Mobile offers free shipping on all orders, so you can get that Apple Ipad 2 you’ve been holding a torch for. 

Just because you’re no longer eight years old, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some unicorn amusement.  The Robot Unicorn Attack 2 game by [adult swim] is an Editor’s Choice in the Apple Store and also comes in a nifty bundle with the other Robot Unicorn games.  If you just want some distraction, BuzzFeed is your portal for unicorn-inspired distraction.  From quizzes to videos, you’ll always find something absurd and funny to kill time with on BuzzFeed, like the Zombies vs. Unicorns video.  The savings you’ll garner shopping on Verizon with our codes is absurd too—but, like the unicorn of lore, plausible.  Get $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices.

We can’t sell a unicorn to you but we can help you to re-discover the unicorn of your childhood storybooks no matter what your age.  Whether you’re morphing yourself or a family friend into a unicorn, letting your kids color unicorns in virtual coloring books or indulging in a little [adult swim], don’t let your fun be diminished by paying too much for your devices.  We’ll help you save!