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Update Your References Week

by Anne Middleton, on May 5th, 2015

May 3rd through the 9th is Update your References Week.  Glowing references can make or break a bid for a new job. This week is a prime opportunity make sure your Rolodex of references is in good shape.  Still relying on that outmoded paper Rolodex?  It’s time to digitize your references.

Generally, employers want two different kinds of references:  professional and personal.  Former supervisors and co-workers make great professional references.  Personal references can be a bit trickier though.  Identify someone whom you’ve known for a period of years.  If you volunteer for a community organization, your cohorts in the organization can be great allies to attest to the caliber of your character.  Don’t discount other community connections too.  If you’ve coached little league, then a team member’s parent might be a good reference. 

Now that you’ve updated your stable of references, you’re going to need to organize them.  Some may already be in your phone, but perhaps the info is incomplete.  Don’t be caught unawares when you’re filling out your next job applications.  Minimally, you need to be able to supply the interviewer with the name, email and phone number of three references. 

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Whether your vintage paper Rolodex is on its last legs or you’ve got too many contacts on too many devices, take some time this week to get your references updated and streamlined.  Use our codes and we’ll save you time and money for your next job search.