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Valentine’s Flowers for Every Stage of a Relationship

by Anne Middleton, on February 8th, 2017

The day of love is fast approaching and one of the most requested items for Valentine’s Day will be the wonderful traditional gift of flowers. Data reveals that over 198 million roses are produced just for this one occasion, with 73% being purchased by men.


The customer service specialists at FTD are experts in choosing the proper bloom to match any stage of a relationship. Whether you are buying a magnificent floral display for your spouse to remind them of your love, sending a floral arrangement in anticipation of a romantic dinner, or taking flowers to surprise a new found love, the FTD customer service specialists will spend as much time with you as you need to create the perfect bouquet. Use an FTD coupon to take advantage of their Valentine's Day deals.


To help you sort through all the different meanings of floral gift-giving on February 14th, here are some essential facts PromoCodesForYou thinks you should know.


True Love
Red roses are the unmistakable expression of absolute true love. Stunning and classic, red roses convey the deepest emotions of a relationship and is a time-honored way to say “I love you.”  If you receive red roses, it is clear you have a special relationship.


Red roses come in a variety of vibrant shades. Combining them creates a powerful display of love. The fragrant aroma of red roses will make this Valentine’s Day one they will never forget. For a more modern romantic design, consider including other red-hue Valentine’s blooms such as Asiatic lilies and orchids.


New Love
White, the shade of purity and innocence, is generally associated with fresh beginnings. Sending white blossoms demonstrates the joy of starting something new, and it doesn’t have to be traditional white roses in a vase.  White daisies create a fun and playful way to represent innocence and lightheartedness on Valentine’s Day.


Love at First Sight
Make no mistake about it, love can be felt with the slightest glance across the room.  The gentle beauty of lavender, especially with a lavender rose, has long been known to correspond to that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling that cannot be denied. This purple hue sends a message of enchanted love sure to impress your significant other.


Young Love
Not every Valentine’s Day arrangement has to focus on roses.  The Aster bloom comes from the Greek word for star. Legend has it that the goddess Astraea looked down on earth from the sky and wept when she saw that there were no stars on earth. Her tears became the Aster flower. This flower represents daintiness and small beginnings making it an appropriate choice for the early stages of love that expresses romantic admiration in a subtle way.


Any type of arrangement that is filled with bright oranges and golds creates passion, fire, enthusiasm, and desire. If she (or he) is just not into roses, consider bold colored tulips as the perfect gift. FTD can send them either as a blooming plant or floral arrangement. Tulips are always greeted with excitement and are one of the most unique blooms to send or receive.


The Honeymoon Stage
Newlyweds score points when they surprise their honey on their first Valentine’s Day by sending a bouquet to the office. It indicates that they are willing to declare their love to everyone! Plus, when you get home, you’ll enjoy how much attention you’ll receive because of the attention she got.


Deep Friendship
Yellow roses are an expression of exuberance since they easily evoke sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome. They are symbols of friendship and caring. The team at FTD can add sunny sunflowers or yellow cushion poms in a bright yellow base to complete the arrangement, even when the emotions are platonic.


A Reminder…
Just in case this insanely popular holiday slips your mind, there is no reason to panic. FTD can provide same day delivery to assure the day will be a complete success. This premiere florist offers astonishing deals and an exquisite selection that always arrives fresh with lasting brilliance, making FTD a cut above the rest.

As relationships grow, flowers become symbols of different events and milestones in life. Take note of your love’s favorite blooms to select an arrangement that has the greatest meaning and impact this and every Valentine’s Day.


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