Vehicle Necessities For Your Garage

Automotive necessities you must have in your garage! Click to learn more!

by Anne Middleton, on June 15th, 2016

Repairing your own car can save you money and when it is done right, is a lot of fun! But you don’t have to go at it alone.  Whether you're troubleshooting or just learning to repair your vehicle, AutoZone offers a simple, yet detailed Repair Help Section. The friendly experts at Napa Auto Parts are available to teach and educate car enthusiasts on how to do basic car fixes, while Advanced Auto Parts has professionals that you can call seven days a week for assistance.  Before your attempt any vehicle repairs you’ll want to purchase a few of the essential items you need to keep in your garage.  Here are some suggestions:

Tool Set

A mechanics tool set is a must-have for all car owners and at least a basic toolbox should be found in every garage. But the choices on the size and contents of choosing a tool set can be overwhelming and dizzying.

Advanced Auto Parts and their professional customer service team can help identify the perfect tool set for your automotive needs.  Since they originally opened for business in 1932, Advanced Auto Parts has focused on creating an environment of honesty, integrity, mutual trust and dedication to their customers.

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Advanced Auto Parts provides information on just about every repair on their website, plus they offer driving and safety tips on a variety of subjects ranging from how to increase car fuel economy to the best way to protect your teenage driver.

Jack Stands and Lift.

There is a lot of the important stuff that you’ll be working on underneath your car.   Good solid jack stands with safety pins are an immeasurable asset when working on your car. If a vehicle is jacked up or placed on axle stands, give it a few up and down shakes on the bumpers or fenders before you begin the repairs. The shake test ensures that the axle stands are fully engaged. Needless to say, nothing is more unnerving (or perhaps more dangerous) than climbing under a car and finding that the jack or axle stands aren't fully engaged. If you can spring for a lift, all the better.

As an official sponsor of NASCAR, Napa Auto Parts “knows-how” to take care of your automobile and that there are times where it becomes essential to work underneath your vehicle.  Napa Auto Parts has a multitude of jacks and lifts in countless configurations and at all price points to assure your car stays secure when you repairing it in your garage.

For nearly a century Napa Auto Parts has served auto service professionals, do-it-yourselfers and everyday drivers with quality parts and supplies to keep cars, trucks and equipment performing safely and efficiently.

The Napa guarantee includes a free Peace of Mind Warranty that covers parts and labor for 24 months or 24,000 miles and is honored at every location nationwide. This means, no matter where you are, if you have any trouble with a covered repair they will take care of it at no extra charge.

Torque Wrench

One of the most important tools that you’ll require when working on a car is a torque wrench. The torque wrench is considered to be one of the most indispensable tools that should be found of every garage. It is an easy-to-use precision tool that helps the user to be efficient in tightening or loosening nuts, bolts, and screws while avoiding under-tightening and over-tightening them.

If you are organizing your garage to include the necessities for working on your own car, then AutoZone is a great place to start.  Not only do they have a myriad of torque wrenches to choose from, AutoZone offers a “Free Loan-a-Tool” program that allows you to borrow specialty tools that will help you do your repair job right the first time and try out a new tool. And if your fall in love with the mechanical gizmo, you can decide to purchase it.

AutoZone also has a Repair Help section and Video Library on vehicle-specific information to get you moving again. Founded in 1979, AutoZone now has over 5,000 stores globally and is a leading retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the United States.

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Other Basics

• Motor oils play an important role in keeping your car’s engine running. Oil affects engine life, maintenance schedules, fuel economy and more, so it’s important to make the right motor oil decision for your car. Log onto AutoZone’s website for recommendations on the best motor fluid for your car and keep it in your garage.

• Fire extinguisher. No one is saying you’re inept, but you will be working on your car in an enclosed space with a sizable amount of an explosive liquid (gasoline), a powerful electrical energy source (a battery), possibly some very flammable materials (shop rags). For the benefit of your garage, your car, and not least of all yourself, have something on hand that can put out a fire. Napa Auto Parts has several options of easy-to-use fire extinguishers. Napa Auto Parts has several models with clear instruction labels using graphics to show steps required to operate extinguisher.

Once you're comfortable fixing minor car problems and doing your regular maintenance, you're likely going to want to try more complicated repairs. The main point to remember is that car repairs are not as difficult as they look and newer cars with more electronics have parts that can be repaired in your driveway. Rely on the experience of professionals by logging onto AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts for detailed information on the problem.  Or stop by a Napa Auto Parts store to ask any question you may have.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well you can do with the proper necessities in your garage