verizon girl dollhouse

Virtual Dollhouses

by Anne Middleton, on July 20th, 2015

Is your daughter's dollhouse crazy?  Many of our little darlings get fascinated by dollhouses.  They’re fun to decorate and can be hours of entertainment.  However, up-keeping that little house of dreams can be expensive.  If you’re not sure if your daughter’s dollhouse craze is going to last, test out her devotion.  Use mobile apps. 

My Princess Castle Fantasy Doll House enables to your little girl to deck out her very own Fairy Castle. The rooms in this virtual mansion are incredibly lavish and the array of furniture and accoutrements is astounding.  This virtual dollhouse is available on the Apple app store and can easily be part of your kid’s Ipad.  Save on the shipping with T-Mobile when you spend $25 or more. 

Is your daughter thrilled when it snows?  Show her the Ice Princess Doll House on Google Play and help her outfit her own ice palace, featuring four rooms to customize.  Don’t let high retail markups on Android tablets keep you frozen in place.  Verizon offers 50% off accessories, so warm up to Verizon’s great selection of tablets.

If you’re not ready to go all-in on a physical dollhouse, test your daughter’s interest in a mobile one that travels with her on a tablet.  A dollhouse is a memorable, wonderful undertaking, but also can be a big expense.  With our codes on great tablets, you can pique your daughter’s interest without paying peak prices.