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Wazygoose Day

by Anne Middleton, on August 24th, 2015

I bet you have no plans for Wazygoose Day.  If so, you’re missing out.  Wazygoose Day, also known as St. Bartholomew’s Day, was at one time an entertainment given by a master printer to his workmen each year.  It marked the traditional end of summer and the start of the season of working by candlelight.  In honor of the Wazygoose Day, we’ve curated some mobile apps to help you revive this bygone revelry.

Of course, those in the newspaper business may have heard of Wazygoose.  In the era of 24 hour cable news, gone are the days of the twice-daily paper.  In honor of those who toiled at the printers, load a news app on your phone.  My go-to is AP and for giggles, I also have The Onion, when I feel loosy-goosy (in this case, Wazygoosy!).  T-Mobile offers free shipping of $25 or more, so be in-the-know with the LG G4 by loading the latest news apps. 

A Wazygoose Day soiree may be an ideal fete to launch into your new-found candle-making hobby.  Bob Sherman’s “Candlemaking” is a popular e-book on Google Play that will get your creativity sparking.  Of course, if you’re sans talent when it comes to crafts, commemorate Wazygoose by loading a live candle wallpaper or your phone or tablet.  If it’s time to retire your clunky device, look at Verizon’s Motorola Droid Maxx.  Use our codes and get up to 50% off accessories too!

Wazygoose marks a change in seasons, as our ancestors were much more connected to the cycle of seasons than we are today.  With 24 hours news and city lights ablaze incessantly, it’s hard to sympathize with the plight of our forbearers who took a hallmark day to prepare for the oncoming fall twilight.  We may not need to celebrate Wazygoose like they did, but it is an opportunity to reconnect with the end of summer.