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We Need Help Now!

by Anne Middleton, on February 5th, 2015

Time to celebrate some earth-shattering news! Your company has experienced momentous growth this past year.  Both revenues and profits are skyrocketing. Woo Hoo!

You would be dancing the polka and popping champagne corks over this remarkable achievement if it wasn’t for one colossal obstacle.  This evolution of expansion entails the necessity to hire over a dozen people in the next 30 days just to keep up.

Every type of position must be filled without haste.  From financial personnel to marketing analysts, you need support immediately.  Otherwise, the corporations’ spectacular growth will be stymied.

Where do you begin this daunting undertaking?  It is vital that you discover a method to unearth a multitude of superior candidates instantaneously. Your business is thriving and you must guarantee you employ the cream of the crop!

You envision this intense procedure to involve three straightforward stages:
1. Hand-pick and interview the top qualified resumes
2. Engage in a method to track resumes and job contenders
3. Hire, hire, hire to satisfy each vacancy

Ideally, your preference is to partner with a sophisticated, efficient and proven system.  It is essential that the course of action be simple and streamlined…and oh yes…it has to fall within your stringent budget.

But how? Is there any establishment where you can just enter the Job Title and Location to ascertain a premiere future worker? 

One thing you recognize without any doubt…you do not have time for this mammoth undertaking to grow into an unsurmountable chore.

There exists an overwhelming number of employer focused search sites on the world wide web.  Although you require a large resume database, you also demand a pursuit of recruits that will pinpoint the most relevant candidates with minimal effort. to the rescue.  Their veteran and knowledgeable staff have developed a sophisticated formula to examine candidates thoroughly, identify the best applicants swiftly and manage responses efficiently. All within your budget.

A standing ovation for you!

Now, chop-chop.  It is time to go get started and watch your company continue to soar.