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Welcome Princess Charlotte!

by Anne Middleton, on May 27th, 2015

The Great Kate Wait of 2015 is finally over and the newest royal, Princess Charlotte, is here!  When the Duke and Duchess emerged on the hospital steps with England’s much-anticipated princess, there were three questions on the lips of her subjects.

1.) Does she have the same squishy, pinchable cheeks as big brother Prince George? Absolutely she does!

2.) How would Kate look less than 12 hours after giving birth? Amazing well put together and perfectly coiffed!

3.) What would the itty-bitty princess wear for her public debut? A snuggly-looking crotched hat and a pristine white blanket.

There’s still one question waiting to be answered.  What will the new princess’ fashion sense be as she grows up? Undoubtedly, she will always be immaculately dressed. Though she is sure to display her own personality through her choice of attire, she will surely be heavily influenced by the royal ladies that came before her.

Duchess Kate:  If Princess Charlotte immolates her mother, she may choose flowing tresses with short sheath and coat dresses dresses for public appearances. The Duchess’ penchant for mixing luxury designers with affordable purchases shows her prowess at creating regal, elegant looks that are also approachable. But, in her downtime Kate is actually very casual. She’s often spotted shopping and running errands in skinny jeans and canvas sneakers. Perhaps her daughter will bring an even more youthful vibe to Mom’s casual style with Converse sneakers, or even Nike running shoes, and a more colorful pallet.

Queen Elizabeth:  England’s leading lady is nothing if not proper and refined. Rather than grasping onto trends and the hottest new designers the beloved Queen has the confidence to find her signature style and stick to it. From her ever-present black handbag and shoes to her classic pearl earrings, Charlotte’s great-grandmother isn’t afraid to repeat her favorites. And don’t forget those broaches!  She may have legions of them, but she’s never without one decorating her lapel. If Charlotte follows in great-Granny’s footsteps, she may latch on to a handful of preferred items and wear them habitually. Of course, for Charlotte, her esteemed pieces might be anything from UGG boots to maxi shirts.

Camilla: As the second wife of Prince Charles, Camilla is sandwiched between the older, cherished Queen and the younger and trendier Kate. But, while the other royal ladies veer toward conservative fashion choices, the Duchess of Cornwall isn’t afraid to stand out and make a statement. She often reaches for bright colors and flowing shapes. When it comes to millinery, it’s the bigger the better for Cam as she opts for oversized hats with flamboyant feathers, flowers and other adornments. While Kate chooses dainty jewelry and the Queen sticks to old favorites, Camilla favors big gems and immense statement necklaces of multi-strand pearls with grandiose diamond clasps. If wee Charlotte echoes Camilla’s devotion to attention-getting fashion, maybe we will see her in bold colors, innovative designs, or even statement heels from Boston Proper.