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What are Computer/Mobile Viruses Anyway?

by Anne Middleton, on April 11th, 2014

Over the past several years, I have found myself learning a new language. The language of viruses.  Not the type of virus that I go to my medical doctor for, but viruses on my computer.

I am not a technology-savvy person, but more and more it has become necessary for everyone to know at least the basics of computer and mobile viruses.  After all, infiltration of emails, social media sites and internet downloads are reported every day. Thank goodness I have McAfee Anti-Virus software to guard me against unwanted intruders.

Without getting too technical, here are the top four virus issues you should know about:

1. Computer Virus
A computer virus is a software program that spreads from one computer to another and interferes with the computer’s operation. Viruses can be sent via an email program to spread the virus to other computers, spread by attachments in email messages or by other daily programs. These viruses are dangerous and can even delete everything on the hard disk.

With McAfee anti-virus programs, you can be sure all your devices are guarded against viruses and online threats. McAfee even blocks spam and dangerous email.

2. Worms
A worm is computer code that spreads even without user interaction. Most worms begin as email attachments that infect a computer when they're opened. The worm scans the infected computer for files that contain email addresses. And that is when the big problem occurs. These infected messages seem to be from someone you know so you are more apt to open them. Worms then spread automatically through email messages, networks or operating system.

McAfee recognizes how severe this issue can be for your operating system. McAfee anti-virus software has been developed to be updated continuously and automatically to protect all of us from viruses, hackers and other worrisome intrusions.

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3. Trojan Horse
A trojan horse is a nasty software program that hides inside other legitimate programs, such as a screen saver. Then the trojan horse virus spreads the code into your operating system and can enable a hacker to access the infected computer.

But with McAfee anti-virus protection, hackers are prevented from accessing your computer. McAfee anti-virus software allows you to work, play and shop online securely, no matter how you connect.

4. Spyware
Spyware can install on your computer without your knowledge. These programs can change your computer’s configuration or collect advertising data and personal information. Spyware can track your internet search habits and can also redirect your web browser to a different website than you intend to go to.

But there is really no need for you to be an expert in viruses.  All you need is McAfee Anti-Virus Software on your computer and mobile devices. McAfee provides comprehensive security software to protect your computer from the latest threats and stay one step ahead of the “bad guys.”